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  • Abstract State Machines
    Project attempting to bridge the gap between formal models of computation and practical specification methods.
  • B-TREE-P
    B-tree source code for the Pick operating system.
  • Character Recognition by Feature Point Extraction
    Technical paper.
  • Computational Decision Analysis
  • Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
    Dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, archetypical problems, and related definitions.
  • LEDA
    Library of the data types and algorithms of combinatorial computing, implemented in C++ language.
  • Opsis
    Java applet that can be used to teach balanced binary search tree algorithms. Unique in that it combines elements of programming, proof, and animation to enhance learning.
  • Prague Stringologic Club
    Research group working in the field of pattern matching, information retrieval, text algorithms, etc.
    General-purpose computer algebra system available for a wide range of computer architectures and operating systems.
  • Search Overview
    Search space, weak methods, heuristics, representation and abstraction, relations with traditional CIS.
  • Soundex Code (1)
  • Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
    A comprehensive collection of algorithm implementations for fundamental problems in combinatorial algorithms.
  • Ultrafast Parallel Algorithms and Reconfigurable Meshes
    Surveys some ultrafast parallel algorithms for PRAMs and reconfigurable meshes.
  • Unified Variational Approach
    Approach to data analysis.

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