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    Worldwide online chemistry community, offering preprint server with unpublished papers, Alchemist magazine, careers center, and more.
  • BioTech
    Hybrid biology/chemistry educational resource and research tool on the World Wide Web.
  • Chemistry
    Features articles, links, an encyclopedia of chemistry, periodic table of the elements, worked problems, a chemical structures archive, and other chemistry resources.
  • What's That Stuff?
    Takes a look at the chemicals and chemical engineering behind everyday products and materials.
  • Chemical Forums, The
    An interactive website devoted to chemical education that allows people to ask chemistry questions to chemists for free.
  • Atoms
    Takes a look at their structure, ions, bonding, compounds, naming, and isotopes.
  • Chemistry Resources
    Science and chemistry resource site compiled for students at advanced secondary level.
  • Chemistry, Structures & 3D Molecules @
    Showing the world of chemistry and nano science in beautiful interactive imagery.
  • Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ASDL)
    ASDL is an online library, intended for use by anyone who has a need for information about analytical measurements or innovative ways to learn more about them: educators, students, lay persons, and practitioners.
  • Representation Models in Molecular Graphics
    A separation science online resource and portal incorporating the major separation techniques.
  • Balloon Molecules [pick] [read review]
    Using balloons to display molecules.
  • ChemScope Daily News Magazine
    Complete daily biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical magazine - news, FDA updates, jobs, suppliers, products.
  • General Chemistry I
    College chemistry tutorial including practice homeworks and exams.
  • Some Notes on Avogadro's Number
    History of the number, 6.02 times 10 to the 23rd, that is used to calculate the value of the number of atoms, molecules, etc. in a gram mole of any chemical substance.
  • Atoms Family, The
    Contains educational activities relating to different forms of energy, presented by famous gothic horror characters.
  • Wired Chemist, The
    A collection of chemistry resources, including problems for general and organic chemistry, and NMR and crystallographic resources.
  • Hazardous Chemical Database
    Searchable database of over 20000 hazardous chemicals. Includes names, synonyms, formula, physical data, NFPA ratings, DOT guides, and registry numbers.
  • Semiconductors by a Method of Microwave Photoconductivity
    The method used is the Advanced Method of Transient Microwave Photoconductivity.
  • International Olympiad of Chemistry

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Directory > Science > Chemistry

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