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  • Enchanted Learning: Blue Whale
    Profile and coloring page for the rorqual whales that are know to be the largest and loudest animals on Earth.
  • Hawaii Whale Research Foundation
    Provides information about the natural history of humpback whales, with emphasis on North Pacific humpbacks in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Gray Whale Advocate
    Dedicated to positive advocacy of the gray whale species and the environment in which they live.
  • Blue Whale - National Geographic
    Get blue whale profile, facts, photos, sounds, habitats, reports, news, and more from National Geographic.
  • WhaleTimes Facts: Gray Whales
    With facts, figures, and more.
  • EarthTrust: Humpback Whales
    In-depth page of information and facts on the Humpback and whales in general.
  • Bagheera: Gray Whale
    Learn about the different populations of gray whales and find out which one is endangered.
  • Fin Whale: Balaenoptera Physalus
    Brief description and drawing of this animal, from the Canadian Museum of Nature.
  • Balaenoptera Musculus (Blue Whale)
    Contains information about the largest animals ever to exist on earth. From the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan.
  • Blue Whale Vocalizations
    Offers audio files and descriptions of their calls. The samplings are taken from both Pacific and Atlantic populations.
  • Southern Right Whales
    Quick facts for Eubaleana Australis, the large baleen whale found in the southern hemisphere.
  • Gray Whales of Baja
    Read about the plight of these whales.
  • North Pacific Right Whales (Eubalaena glacialis)
    Biological profile of the very large baleen whales that can reach a length of 60 feet.
  • Cetacean Information: Blue Whale
    Information on habitat, behavior, and life cycle from Whale Songs.
  • Eubalaena glacialis (Northern Right Whale)
    Describes their geographic range, habitat, morphology, reproduction, behavior, and conservation status.
  • NATURE: Humpback Whales
    Learn about their mysterious habits and songs.
  • Whales Visit Manly
    Photos of humpback whales that are starting to make occasional visits again to Sydney, and a history of whaling.
  • Zoom Whales: Humpback Whale
    With information sheets, facts, myths, and more.
  • Sei Whale: Balbenoptera Borealis
    Brief description and drawing of this animal, which is a smaller relative of the fin whale, from the Canadian Museum of Nature.
  • Blue Whale Underwater Images
    Includes still photographs and video clips of the giant whales by Mike Johnson.

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