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Primate Evolution

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  • The Link
    Meet Ida the "missing link", see how the anatomy of Darwinius masillae relates to ours, and take a closer look at the fossil find that has the potential to rewrite the history of human origins.
  • Complete Primate Skeleton From the Middle Eocene of Messel in Germany: Morphology and Paleobiology
    PLoS ONE report, with photos, for the Darwinius masillae fossil, known as the Ida fossil or "missing link". Darwinius masillae represents the most complete fossil primate ever found, including both skeleton, soft body outline and contents of the digestive tract.
  • The Mural of Primate Evolution
    The Mural of Primate Evolution, created by artist Jay Matternes for the 1993 opening of the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Human Biology and Evolution, represents 50 million years of primate evolution.
  • Early Primate Evolution:? The First Primates
    Learn about the transitional primate-like creatures were evolving by the end of the Mesozoic Era, proto-primates, early prosimians, and early monkeys and apes.
  • Primate-like Mammals: A Stunning Diversity in the Tree Tops
    Learn about the in early Paleocene animals in the fossil record which show strong links to our own order, the Primates.
  • First Primates - NOVA scienceNOW
    Evolutionary anthropologist Mary Silcox answers your questions about the world's premiere primates. scienceNow also offers a "family album" that goes back 55 million years.
  • Evolution of Primates
    History of the order Primates is documented by a rich fossil record. The site lists the Archaic Primates to the Pliocene and Early Pleistocene humans.
  • Evolution of Primate Intelligence
    Examines several current hypothesis for the evolution of primate intelligence.
  • Primate Evolution - Primate Info Net
    Collection of links to papers and articles addressing the evolution of primates.
  • Transitional Vertebrate Fossils FAQ: Primates
    Outline of the primate species lineage that led to humans (with known gaps).

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