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  • Tigers in Crisis
    Highlights the problems which have led to declining numbers of tigers, and discusses conservation efforts.
  • National Geographic's Cyber Tiger
    You're the zookeeper in this interactive learning experience.
  • All for Tigers!
    Find information, pictures, links, and more concerning the endangered five tiger subspecies left out of the original eight.
  • Tiger Territory
    Presents information about elements of tiger social life, physical characteristics, mating, cubs, colors, subspecies, and more.
  • Discovery Channel: Living With Tigers
    Explores the possibility of zoo-born tigers learning to live in the wild.
  • Tiger World
    Tiger facts. Learn about different tiger subspecies, the countries where they are located, and the issues surrounding their survival in the wild.
  • Tigers in the Wild
    Includes information on the tiger in history and culture, current threats, and what needs to be done. From the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Awesome Tigers
    Includes information on tiger conservation, extinction, and features photo gallery.
  • Tiger Watch
    Dedicated to the survival of the remaining five sub-species of the tiger, with up-to-date information.
  • Tigers - Animal InfoBooks
    Learn about tigers, their habitat and distribution, physical characteristics and special adaptations, behavior, diet and eating habits, birth and care of young, and conservation issues. From SeaWorld/Busch Gardens.
  • Ranthambhore National Park and Tiger Reserve@

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