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Anemones and Corals

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  • Field Guide to Anemone Fishes and Their Host Sea Anemones [*]
    Provides images and descriptions of anemonefish, commonly known as clownfish, and their sea anemone hosts. Online text by Dr. Daphne G. Fautin and Dr. Gerald R. Allen.
  • Corals and Coral Reefs
    Sea World Education Department resource outlining the invertebrates' habitat and distribution, physical characteristics, diet, and reproduction.
  • Hexacorallians of the World: Sea Anemones, Corals, and Their Allies
    Compilation of publications concerning taxonomy, nomenclature, and geographic distribution of extant hexacorallians.
    Features photographs of sea anemones found off the coasts of Europe and South America.
  • FINS: Anemones
    Provides general aquarium care information and lists easier and difficult species to keep.
  • Nature Branching
    Devoted to the study of branching in nature particularly modular organisms such as corals, octocorals, and hydroids.
  • Sea and Sky: Corals & Anemones
    Colorful photos accompanied by brief profiles of the species.
  • Octocoral Research Center
    Highlights ongoing research into the corals and provides information about their general biology, classification, evolution, and biogeography.
  • StellaBase: Nematostella vectensis Genomics Database
    Search for Nematostella genes, retrieve previously identified contigs, and compare the genome of Nematostella with the genomes of other organisms.
  • The Nematostella Web Resource
    Collects and organizes information from all levels of the biological hierarchy relevant to this obscure little anemone -- from genome, to organism, to environment -- including the impacts of human acitivities on this species and its habitat.
  • Hawaiian Corals
    Offers a gallery of Scleractinian corals, along with a brief description of each coral.
  • Zooxanthellate Corals
    Provides a glossary of coral morphologic terms and black and white photographs of specimens.
  • Acropora Growth Movie Page
    Allows users to see how the colony's color evolves while its branches are growing.
  • Sea Anemones
    Brief introduction to the Actiniaria. Also, provides information on caring and feeding the anemone.
  • Coral & Invert Library
    Pictorial gallery with pictures, descriptions, and morphologies of corals, invertebrates, and algae.
  • Soft Corals, Stoloniferans, Gorgonians, Sea Pens
    Offers tips for aquarium care regarding cleaning, reproduction, and territoriality as well as more detailed profiles of several species.
  • British Marine Life Study Society: Sea Anemones
    Offers a photographic database of sea anemones found in the waters surrounding Britain as well as general information about anemones natural history.
  • Class Anthozoa (Anemones and Corals)
    Classification and pictures of the flower-like animals.
  • Tree of Life: Zoantharia
    Sea anemones and corals, polyps that occur in all seas, from the high intertidal to the deepest trenches, and from the poles to the equator.
  • Corals of Oman
    Book examining the diversity of the corals and established coral reefs of Oman's seas.

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Anemones and Corals

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