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  • Alex Foundation, The
    Irene Pepperberg's research on cognition and communication of Grey Parrots.
  • Parrot Pages, The
    Carries links to information on parrots.
  • Parrot Parrot
    Dedicated to the smaller parrots such as African lovebirds and budgerigars. Covers avian health and other topics.
  • Brooklyn Parrots
    Facts, lore, audio files, and photos of Brooklyn's flocks of wild parrots.
  • Pet Bird Report
    Dedicated to providing bird owners with the information they need to have and/or raise the best companion parrots possible.
  • All About Parrots
    Meet the polite senegal parrot and majormitchell cockatoo. Also offers information on parrot diseases and care.
    Online magazine for parrot owners, including features, news, bird club and bird rescue group listings, and advice on health, behavior, and breeding.
  • Those Majestic Macaws
    Useful information concerning Macaws, their health, and behavior.
  • Parrot Talk Connection
    Links to book stores, chat, food sources, vets, and more.
  • Land of Vos
    Specializes in all information regarding the Eclectus Parrot. Find recipes, links, information, and photos.
  • Parrot Link
    Information for parrot-lovers on magazines, societies, artists, photos, articles, conservation, and sales, primarily in the U.K.
  • Journey Into the Mind of A Talking Parrot
    An audio study of a talking parakeet that used English as his first language.
  • Mac Cam
    See the parrots Macadamia and Boko!
  • Eclectusville
    Pictures, stories, and information about the eclectus and other types of parrots.
  • Shades of Red and Green Eclectus
    Offers information about Eclectus parrots.
    Birding resource with special emphasis on African parrots, including including Grey, Meyers, and Senegal parrots. Site features information on nutritional requirements, vitamin sources, and purchasing tips.
  • Parrot Forum
    Online community for parrot lovers.
  • Laurella Desborough's Eclectus Center
    Offers information about Eclectus parrot care.
  • Pet Parrots 101
    Find detailed parrot care information, parrot training guides, and articles explaining the different parrot types.
  • About Pet Parrots
    Online site offers tips and articles about buying and taking care of pet parrots.

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