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  • Cicada Mania [*]
    Contribute your own periodical cicada stories, information, and photos, and use the Cicada-O-Matic to help identify your adult cicada specimens. Includes many links, news stories, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Periodical Cicada Page
    Introduction to the periodical cicada, the flying, plant-feeding insects of the Order Homoptera that emerge from the earth every 13 to 17 years. From the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.
  • Periodical Cicadas
    Guide to cicada broods throughout Ohio. Also includes a number of photographs, general life cycle information, and cicada trivia.
  • Cicado!
    Dedicated to the "cuddly" cicada insect. Find cicada sounds, games to play, recipes, and periodic cicada facts.
  • Cicadas of Michigan
    Pictures and recordings of calling songs for cicada species found in Michigan and in other U.S. states.
    Acts as a repository for information regarding annual and periodical cicadas found in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.
  • Songs of Cicadas From Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia
    Features sound files representing typical calling songs of nine species of cicadas from the region.
  • Periodical and "Dog-Day" Cicadas
    Fact sheet describing the types of cicadas that emerge annually or after 13 or 17 years below ground.
  • Australian Museum: Cicadas
    Fact sheet touching upon the flying insects' habits, singing, and lifecycle.
  • Cicadamaniacs
    University of Maryland department of entomology faculty and student task force answers questions about the Brood X, the periodical cicadas that made their 17-year emergence in 2004.
  • Cicadae in Japan
    Cicada species list, song audio files, and photos. Also in Japanese.
  • 1996: A Year of the Cicadas
    Describes the emergence of the Seventeen-Year Cicada on the Florham-Madison Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University in the summer of 1996.
  • Songs of European Singing Cicadas
    Learn how different cicada species can be identified by their song patterns.
  • Cicada Central
    Find photos, songs, and information about Australian, New Zealand, and North American cicadas.
  • Massachusetts Cicadas
    Dedicated to the study of cicadas of Massachusetts and New England. Find information about the Brood XIV Magicicadas 2008 emergence.
  • DesertUSA: Cicadas
    Description, life cycle, and behavior of cicadas found throughout the Mojave, Great Basin, Chihuahuan, and Sonoran deserts.
  • Cicada in Chinese Folklore
    Looks at how the ancient Chinese regarded cicadas as symbols of rebirth or immortality.
  • The Mount's Cicada Web Site
    Find facts and maps for the 2008 emergence of Brood XIV periodical cicadas. College of Mount St. Joseph offers information for the eastern Hamilton, Clermont, and Brown counties of Ohio where Brood XIV will be emerging.
    Learn about periodical cicadas; know for their unique long and prime-numbered life cycles (13 or 17 years), precisely timed mass emergences, and active choruses. offers brood maps, pictures of different species, and a place to report your own periodical cicada sightings.
  • Cicadas of Arkansas
    Provides information about dog day and periodial cicadas as well as personal accounts of the Brood XXIII 2002 and Brood XIX 1998.

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