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  • AntWeb
    Meet the ants of the world. AntWeb provides photos and tools for exploring the diversity and identification of ants.
  • Ant Cam
    Includes two live cameras plus archived images, instructions on how to build an ant farm, and more.
    Collaborative effort between scientists from around the world, aiming at providing the best possible access to the wealth of information on ants.
  • Ant - Wikipedia
    Article about ants, the eusocial insects known for their highly organized colonies and nests. Learn about ant evolution, morphology, development, polymorphism, behaviour, and ecology.
  • All About Ants
    Fact sheet covering ant sociology, anatomy, and communication.
  • The Ant Colony Cycle
    Maps out an ant colony's life cycle -- from its foundation by a queen to its death.
  • Ant Image Database 2003
    Offers an introduction to myrmecology, the taxonomy of Japanese and Australian ants, and a large selection of color photographs.
  • Behavior of Real Ants
    Illustrates how ants adapt and navigate through their changing environment.
  • Myrm's Ant Nest
    Offers information about myrmecology, mainly concentrating on British ants.
  • Notes From Underground
    Online myrmecological newsletter, dedicated to the disemination of information about ants.
  • New World Army Ants
    Ongoing study of the legionary ants.
  • Ants of Borneo
    Offers ecology, systematics, and photos of 130 species of Formicidae from Malaysia's rain forests, mainly Kinabalu National Park.
  • Checklist of the Ants of Michigan, A
    List based upon literature records and specimens in the authors' collections and those of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and the Michigan State University Department of Entomology.
  • Ants as Pets
    Article providing instructions for collecting ants and building an artificial nest.
  • Ancient Farmers of the Amazon
    Watch the video segment from PBS's Evolution: "Evolutionary Arms Race," that illustrates the coevolution of the leafcutter ant and the fungi on which it feeds.
  • Introduction to Ants (Formicidae) of the Tallgrass Prairie
    Report examining the ecology of prairie ants, their origins and taxonomy, and their role in prairie restoration.
  • The Ant Farm
    Links to ant (myrmecology) sites as well as to those dedicated to keeping ant farms. The site also includes ant photo and art galleries, a chat room, message boards, and a FAQ.
  • Smithsonian AntLab
    Research in the SI AntLab largely focuses on the systematics, phylogenetics, and biodiversity of ants. The lab offers a type specimen database and a digital library.
  • Living With Ants and the Science of E.O. Wilson
    Ant exhibition at the Museum of Comparative Zoology in Harvard University Museums of Natural History.
  • Australian Ants Online
    Offers a guide to Australian ant fauna.

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