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  • BugGuide.Net
    Devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. Allows members to submit their own comments and photographs.
  • Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute
    Membership supported organization fostering an awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of all nature through the study and interpretation of the vital roles arthropods play in the Sonoran Desert ecosystem.
  • Introduction to the Arthropoda: The Real Rulers of the Earth
    Overview of the most successful animals on the planet.
  • Bites and Stings of Medically Important Venomous Arthropods
    Spider, scorpion, bee, wasp, and ant species worldwide that cause morbidity and mortality. Includes special reference to the dermatologic expression of the injury.
  • Project ALAS: Arthropods of La Selva
    Large-scale inventory of arthropod diversity in a lowland tropical rainforest.
  • Insect and Spider Collections of the World Web Site
    Clearing house of information based primarily on the 1993 book, "The Insect and Spider Collections of the World", 2nd edition, by R.H. Arnett, G.A. Samuelson and G.M. Nishida.
  • Introduction to the Cheliceramorpha
    Fossil record, life history and ecology, systematics, and morphology of spiders and scorpions, mites and ticks, horseshoe crabs, daddy-longlegs, and extinct "sea-scorpions," to name a few.
  • Phylum Arthropoda (Crustaceans, Insects, Spiders, and Relatives)
    Animal Diversity Web takes a look at the natural history of this incredibly diverse group of taxa which includes insects, crustaceans, spiders, scorpions, and centipedes.
  • The Arthropod Story
    Take a tour through the amazing evolutionary history of arthropods. From the Understanding Evolution team at the University of California Museum of Paleontology.
  • Enchanted Learning: Arthropod Printouts
    Features educational coloring pages for various types of spiders, crustaceans, and insects.
  • Tree of Life: Arthropoda
    Introduction to insects, spiders, crustaceans, and other phylum members.
  • Arthropod Museum
    Maintained by the Department of Entomology, University of Kansas. The museum houses a collection of insects and arthropods from the faunas of the Ouachita Highlands and Appalachian Mountains regions.
  • Journal of Insect Behavior
    Offers peer-reviewed research articles and short critical reviews on all aspects of the behavior of insects and other terrestrial arthropods such as spiders, centipedes, millipedes, and isopods.
  • Invertebrate Zoology
    Australian Museum Online showcases the invertebrate zoology (insects, spiders, worms, crustaceans, snails, and slugs) with photos, diagrams, descriptions, and articles.
  • Hawaiian Terrestrial Arthropod Bibliography
    Listing of the titles of books and scientific journals that cite Hawaiian arthropods.
  • Spectrum of Life: Chelicerates
    Profiles spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks, and horseshoe crabs.
  • Global Litter Invertebrate Decomposition Experiment (GLIDE)
    Examining invertebrate species involved in decomposition of a litter source.
  • Clemson University Arthropod Collection, The
    Offers an evolving searchable database of scientific names and a virtual tour of the collection.

Animals > Arthropods

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