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  • Chemistry for Biologists: Enzymes
    Learn about enzymes, the efficient catalysts for biochemical reactions.
  • Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia (COPE)
    A vast amount of information on cytokine research and related subjects.
  • Database of Macromolecular Movements
    Systematic, annotated database of biologically significant protein and nucleic acid motions, with protein morpher that generates and renders plausible interpolations of motions.
  • EF-Hand Calcium-Binding Proteins Data Library
    A collection of information on calcium-binding proteins, including sequences, structural data, references, and miscellaneous other tidbits.
  • Enzyme Nomenclature Database
    Repository information by class, description, chemical compound, and cofactor.
  • Enzymes
    Provides a basic introduction to enzymes, their catalytic activity, and enzyme synthesis.
  • EnzymesStuff FAQs
    Adapted from the book 'Enzymes for Autism and other Neurological Conditions.'
  • EnzymeStuff
    Informational resources for digestive enzymes.
  • ExPASy Molecular Biology Server
    Expert Protein Analysis System proteomics server of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences and structures, as well as 2D PAGE.
  • Folding@home
    Distributed client aimed at using idle CPU power via a screen saver to help simulate protein folding.
  • G?nter Blobel (3)
  • Genome@home
    Distributed computing project to understand the genome by reverse engineering new protein sequences for existing folds. Led by the Pande Group at Stanford University.
  • In-silico Screening for Anthrax Toxin Inhibitors@
  • International Fibrinogen Research Society (IFRS)
    Promotes clinical and basic research interest in fibrinogen.
  • Introduction to Enzymes
    Excerpts from the Manual of Clinical Enzyme Measurements, a 1972 Worthington publication. Explains the benefits of enzymes in biochemistry including the diagnosis of diseases.
  • Medical Biochemistry Page: Introduction to Enzymes
    Introduction to enzymes, classification, role of coenzymes, catalytic reactions, regulation of enzyme activity, and the use of enzyme in pathology.
    Summarizes the properties and medical application of midkine, a low molecular-weight protein that belongs to growth factors or cytokines.
  • Molecular Modeling: A Method for Unraveling Protein Structure and Function
    A basic introduction to the science from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
  • Molecules of Life
    An introduction to the techniques used to gain understanding of the structure of protein molecules. Topics include x-ray crystallography and folding predictions.
  • Mucking About With Myosin Motor Mutants
    Investigations of the molecular machine that drives muscle contraction, cell division, and a variety of other processes in non-bacterial cells.
  • PEDANT: Protein Extraction, Description, and ANalysis Tool
    A software system for completely automatic and exhaustive analysis of protein sequence sets, from individual sequences to complete genomes.
  • PENCE Inc.
    Network of Canadian researchers from universities, hospitals, institutes, and government labs specializing in proteins and proteomics.
  • Protein Data Bank@
    At Brookhaven National Laboratory.
  • Protein Kinase Resource
    Comprehensive database on protein kinases delivering an integrated and in-depth view of protein kinase sequence, structure, and function.
    Nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to furthering research and development in protein science. Site features organization info, membership details, symposiums, journals, as well as education and outreach programs offered in the fields of biology, medicine, and technology related to protein studies.
  • ProteoMonitor
    Offers a subscription to weekly news about proteomics technology.
  • Rel/NF-kB Transcription Factor
    Information and resources for researchers interested in transcription factor NF-kB.
  • SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins (1)
  • Wikipedia: Enzyme
    User-created article about enzymes, the proteins which act as biochemical catalysts in metabolism. Offers etymology, enzyme catalysis, biological function, and industrial uses.

Molecular Biology > Proteins

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