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  • Astrobiology Web: Life in Extreme Environments
    Guide to online resources dedicated to extremophiles.
  • Biology of Extremophiles Laboratory - Universit? de Paris-Sud XI
    Studying Archaea and hyperthermophilic bacteria living at temperatures close to 100?C.
  • Conan the Bacterium: The Ancient Microscopic Hero
    Profile of Deinococcus radiodurans, the bacterium that thrives on radioactive waste, by Karmen Lee Franklin.
  • Eukaryotes in Extreme Environments
    Covers organisms that actively grow in extreme environments, not just survive through some form of encystment.
  • Extreme Life Thrives Where the Livin' Ain't Easy -
    Photo gallery highlighting a few particularly tough species of bacteria and archaea, a lesser-appreciated but vast branch of the the tree of life.
  • Extremophiles
    Features original research articles on the biology, molecular biology, structure, function, and applications of life at high or low temperature, pressure, acidity, alkalinity, salinity, or oxygen concentration.
  • Life in Extreme Environments (LExEn) Workshop Report
    Addresses questions such as: What conditions determine the limits of life? What is the functional diversity of life? How does life evolve from pre-biotic conditions?
  • Life Underground
    Examining how the resent discovery of bacteria living on nothing but rock and water deep within the Earth's crust as opened up the possibility of life existing on other worlds.
  • Lives of Extremophiles, The
    NOVA interviews Diana Northup, microbiologist and cave scientist, about the bizarre microbes that may hold clues not only to the earliest life on Earth but to the possibility of life in outer space.
  • Subsurface Life in Mineral Environments (SLIME)
    Investigating microbiological interactions of microbial communities in cave deep subsurface environments.
  • Thermophilic Microorganisms and Life at High Temperatures
    Red the digitized copy of the book, Thermophilic Microorganisms and Life at High Temperatures by Thomas D. Brock that describes the hotsprings at Yellowstone National Park and the thermophillic bacteria that reside within them.
  • Virtual Museum of Bacteria: Extremophiles
    Examines bacteria that have the potential to adapt to extreme conditions.
  • What Is an Extremophile? [*]
    Meet the organism that thrives under "extreme" conditions such as acidic or alkaline environments, no oxygen, no light, high concentrations of salt, and intense pressure.
  • Wikipedia: Extremophile
    An organism, frequently unicellular, which thrives under extreme conditions.

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