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  • Observed Instances of Speciation
    FAQ discussing several instances where speciation has been observed.
  • Wikipedia: Speciation
    Hyperlinked article about the appearance of a new species of life.
  • Kimball's Biology Pages: Speciation
    Outlines to role of geographic isolation, ecological opportunity, hybridization, competition, and adaptive radiation in the formation of new species.
  • Evolution 101: Speciation
    Allows readers to explore different ways to define a species and learn about the various processes through which speciation can occur.
  • Ensatina eschscholtzi: Speciation in Progress
    Classic example of Darwinian evolution. This lungless salamander is now in the process of splitting into two or more species by means of gradualism.
  • Species, Speciation, and the Environment
    Article by Niles Eldredge outlining how environment change plays a major role in the evolution of species.
  • Speciation and Biodiversity: Interview With Edward O. Wilson
    Discussion about how the formation of new species can happen relatively quickly; however it process cannot keep up with the current extinction rate.
  • Global Change: The Process of Speciation
    Addresses the question: What is a species, and what are the different ways it can be defined?
  • Models of Speciation
    Historical phenomenon that is a fundamental issue in evolutionary biology.
  • Biology Century: Speciation
    Covers what a species is, modes of speciation, and rates of speciation.
  • Ecological versus Sexual Selection Models of Sympatric Speciation: A Synthesis (PDF)
    Argues that the evolution of ecological and mating strategies are mutually dependent processes rather than independent phenomena corresponding to incompatible views of sympatric speciation.
  • Bead Model of Speciation: A Demonstration
    Graphic depiction of a model of an evolutionary branching process described by Martin L. Weitzman in Biodiversity Loss: Economic and Ecological Issues.
  • Evolution Library: Evolution of Diversity
    Collection of articles looking at how individual species arise, how systematists classify them, or how many species are currently living on the planet.
  • Speciation in Rapidly Diverging Systems: Lessons From Lake Malawi
    Examines the cichlid fishes of Lake Malawi, which have radiated from a single ancestor into more than 400 species over the past 700,000 years.'speciation'

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