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  • Darwin: Who Wants to Live a Million Years?
    Learn about natural selection through this Science Channel interactive game, Who Wants to Live a Million Years?
  • Evolution at NYU: Natural Selection and Adaptation
    Provides examples of adaptive features and discusses levels of selection.
  • Evolution Library: Adaptation and Natural Selection
    Includes books, articles, and links that explore various aspects of these pivotal interrelated concepts.
  • Global Change: Evolution and Natural Selection
    Examines how the process of natural selection works and what evidence do we have for local adaptation.
  • Natural Selection
    Chapter four of Charles Darwin's, The Origin of Species.
  • Natural Selection in a Bottle
    Studies selection on the norm of reaction of age at first reproduction in a laboratory population of Drosophila melanogaster.'adaptation%20nat...
  • Wikipedia: Natural Selection
    Hyperlinked article about the primary mechanism within the scientific theory of evolution.

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