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  • Wikipedia: Genetic Drift
    Hyperlinked article about the mechanism of evolution that acts in concert with natural selection to change the characteristics of species over time.
  • Random Genetic Drift
    Describes the how genetic drift, one of the most important mechanisms of evolution, works.
  • Evolution 101: Genetic Drift
    One of the basic mechanisms of evolution, genetic drift affects the genetic makeup of a population through an entirely random process.
  • Genetic Drift Simulation
    Activity designed to help students visualize evolution at a simple level and develop their intuition for the process of genetic drift.
  • Genetic Drift and the Founder Effect
    Brief hyperlinked article about the founder effect, the loss of genetic variation when a new colony is formed by a very small number of individuals, an extreme example of genetic drift.
  • Small Population Size Effects: Genetic Drift
    Describes the phenomenon acting on small, reproductively isolated populations that can produce rapid changes in gene frequencies totally independent of mutation, recombination, and natural selection.
  • Genetic Drift Workbook
    Simulates the process of evolutionary change by genetic drift.

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