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  • Co-evolution - Wikipedia
    Article about co-evolution, the mutual evolutionary influence between two species.
  • Coevolution and Pollination
    Provides numerous examples coevolution (the mutual evolutionary influence between two species that are totally dependent on each other) between plants and their insect or bird pollinators.
  • Coevolution
    Discusses coevelution, a change in the genetic composition of one species in response to a genetic change in another.
  • Ancient Farmers of the Amazon
    Watch the video segment from PBS's Evolution: "Evolutionary Arms Race," that illustrates the coevolution of the leafcutter ant and the fungi on which it feeds.
  • Evolution 101: Coevolution
    Describes cases where two (or more) species reciprocally affect each other's evolution.
  • Biological Warfare and the Coevolutionary Arms Race
    The rough-skinned newt looks harmless enought but is, in fact, packed full of one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man. Find out how an evolutionary arms race has pushed these mild-mannered critters to the extremes of toxicity and how evolutionary biologists have unraveled their fascinating story. From Understanding Evolution.
  • Evolution Library: Coevolution
    Collection of essays, interviews, and video clips addressing how organisms effect one another.

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