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Evolutionary Processes

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  • Scientific American: Life Goes for a Spin
    A topsy-turvy earth may have triggered an evolutionary big bang.
  • Descent of Man, The
    Four part radio series and a web site on neo-Darwinism.
  • New Scientist Special Report on Evolution
    Article about evolution, the unifying force in modern biology that ties together fields as disparate as genetics, microbiology and palaeontology.;jsessionid=OJDFDMADHBCL
  • NOVA Evolution
    Portal to NOVA's online programs, news, and interactive features dedicated to evolution. NOVA Evolution lets you watch programs online.
  • Principles of Evolution & Systematics
    Dr. Steven M. Carr's lecture notes addressing natural selection, mutation, variation, speciation, patterns in the fossil record, and related topics.
  • Evolution Update
    Collection of major news and scientific reports in evolutionary biology.
  • Early Theories of Evolution
    Provides an overview of the 17th-19th century discoveries that led to the acceptance of biological evolution.
  • Elementary Evolutionary Biology
    Notes on basic population genetics, frequency dependent selection, sexual selection, mitochondrial DNA, mimicry, speciation, and related topics.
  • Synthetic Theory of Evolution
    Offers an introduction to late 20th century evolutionary concepts and theories.
  • Evolution, Science and Society: Evolutionary Biology and the National Research Agenda
    Looks at how evolutionary biology will contribute directly to pressing societal challenges as well as inform and accelerate other biological disciplines in the coming century.
  • Radiation of the First Animals
    Article by Dr. Jere H. Lipps.
  • Explore Evolution
    Learn about the traveling exhibit, Explore Evolution. Exhibit explores current evolutionary research on seven organisms, small to large.

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