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Evolutionary Processes

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  • Loom, The
    Science author Carl Zimmer's blog about biological life, past and future.
  • Mechanisms: The Processes of Evolution
    Examines the mechanisms of evolution by focusing on descent; the importance of genetic variation; the random nature of genetic drift; and natural selection.
  • Genetics and Evolution Tutorials - Biology-Online
    Series of articles and exercises that introduce their readers to Mendelian genetics, genetic mutations, theoretical and practical natural selection, genetic engineering, selective breeding, and adaptation.
  • Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
    Summarizes the overwhelming observational evidence for evolution and suggests effective ways of teaching the subject for teachers, other educators, and policy makers who design, deliver, and oversee classroom instruction in biology.
  • Transitions: The Evolution of Life
    Blog highlighting the latest fossil discoveries and great evolution web sites.
  • Butterflies and Plants: Partners in Evolution
    Discover how natural selection has shaped animals and plants together through their ancient and persistent dependencies, and defenses with one another in this Smithsonian exhibit.
  • AAAS Evolution Resources
    Find background materials on the controversy surrounding teaching evolution in public school science classrooms and links to AAAS resources on evolution.
  • NOVA: Origins [pick] [read review]
    Journey back to the beginning of everything: the universe, the Earth, and life itself.
  • Teach Evolution and Make it Relevant
    Resources and materials for teaching evolution at the pre-college level. Find teaching guides and lesson plans for the following topics: nature of science, evidence for evolution, pathways of evolution, human evolution, heredity, speciation, and related topics.
  • Origins [pick] [read review]
    Exploratorium feature exploring the extraordinary places, people, tools, and ideas behind the search for the origins of matter, the universe, and life.
  • Howstuffworks Evolution Library
    Explore the theory of evolution and its impact on science. peruse Howstufworks selection of articles on fossils, natural selection, bioluminescence, animal migration, animal camouflage, and other evolutionary biology topics.
  • EvoTutor
    Online resource for interactive simulations of evolutionary processes.
  • Shape of Life
    PBS eight-part series The Shape of Life reveals the dramatic rise of the animal kingdom through breakthroughs in scientific discovery.
  • Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences
    Companion site for the NAS title offers illustrations, synopsis, and recommended resources.
  • Chaos, Cheating and Cooperation: Potential Solutions to the Prisoner's Dilemma
    Outlines the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma, which is widely regarded as a standard model for the evolution of cooperation.
  • NATURE: Triumph of Life
    PBS series and companion site detail the four-billion-year-old history of the origin and evolution of life on planet Earth.
  • Evolution - Blackwell Publishing
    Evolution is an undergraduate text in the study of evolution by Mark Ridley. Companion site includes tutorials, downloadable experiments, a timeline, and excerpts from classic texts dedicated to evolutionary biology.
  • Origins: A History of Beginnings - Science/AAAS
    Companion blog to Science's year-of-Darwin coverage. Collection of articles on evolution--from microbes to humans.
  • Issues in Evolution -
    Collection of articles addressing evolutionary theory, new species discoveries, the fossil record, and other evolution-related topics.
  • evolution & ecology @
    Collection of all relevant Nature Publishing Group resources in the field of evolution and ecology.

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Directory > Science > Biology > Evolution

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