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  • Carver, George Washington (1864-1943) (10)
    Learn about George Washington Carver, the African American African American botanist and chemist. Sites provide biography, articles, and pictures of the inventor whose work led to advances in agriculture, chemistry, and textiles.
  • Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton (1817-1911)
    Learn about Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, the 19th century botanist and close confidante of Charles Darwin. Includes a biography, information about Hooker's collecting expeditions, and selected writings.
  • Banks, Joseph (1743-1820) (3)
    Find sites for Sir Joseph Banks, the naturalist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first historical voyage to the Pacific. Sites feature biography, work, timeline, and legacy of the British explorer and botanist who introduced eucalyptus, acacia, and mimosa plant species to the West.
  • Theophrastus (c.371-287 BCE)@
    Find sites for Theophrastus, the successor of Artistotle in the Peripatetic school and who is considered as one of the earliest botanists. Sites feature biography, writings, and study project for the ancient Greek whose botanical treatises are one of the most important contributions to taxonomy.
  • Gray, Asa (1810-1888) (5)
    Find sites for Asa Gray, one of the most important botanists of America who was instrumental in unifying the taxonomical knowledge of North American plants. Sites include bio, essays, photos, and lectures by the American botanist who staunchly supported Darwin's theories.

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