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Planet Earth Pictures

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  • Global Maps - NASA Earth Observatory [*]
    NASA's interactive global maps allow you to explore how key parts of Earth?s climate system change from month to month.
  • Google Earth
    Google Earth shows 3D overviews of major cities, mountains, and other terrain, as well as driving directions and maps. Also includes Sky, which allows users to view stars and galaxies, and Ocean, which allows users to explore the ocean floor and surface.
  • Flash Earth
    Uses online satellite imagery from Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth to present a click-and-drag atlas of the world.
  • NASA World Wind (2)
  • Earth and Moon Viewer
    Allows you to customize a wide variety of parameters.
  • The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
    Searchable Space Shuttle Earth observations photography database illustrating some very interesting Earth features and processes, including cities.
  • Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, The
    Records the location and a description of over 450,000 astronaut photographs of Earth from the beginning of NASA space flight.
  • NASA's Visible Earth
    Features a collection of Earth science related images, animations, and visualizations. Browse images of our home planet by picture type, region, or topics such as atmosphere, biosphere, oceans, land surface, and human infrastructure.
  • Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change
    Collection of Landsat images and text showing environmental changes and introducing remote sensing. From the U.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center.
  • NASA/USGS Landsat Program@
    Find millions of images of the Earth's surface that have been taken by the Landsat series of satellites since 1972.
  • Earth from Space
    See our amazing planet from the perspective of an orbiting satellite. Official site for the Smithsonian Institution's Earth from Space exhibit.
  • NEO: NASA Earth Observations
    Designed to help people picture climate change and environmental changes happening on our home planet. NEO allows you to search for and retrieve satellite images of Earth.
  • NASA's Planetary Photojournal: Earth
    Allows users to browse through images of the Earth and Moon taken by a number of spacecraft.
  • Our Earth as Art
    Landsat-7 art gallery featuring images taken from high above the planet that were selected on the basis of aesthetic appeal.
  • Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC): Images and Data
    Provides real-time satellite weather images and data. Site also includes lists of software, research, and field experiments.
  • SIR-C/X-SAR Space Radar Images of Earth
    Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C/X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar uses a highly sophisticated imaging radar to capture images of Earth that are useful to scientists across a great range of disciplines.
  • European Space Agency: Satellite Images
    Satellite images of images across the Earth taken from space.
  • Cities Collection [pick] [read review]
    A collection of outstanding astronaut photography of cities taken during spaceflight.
  • UrtheCast
    Offers high-definition streaming video of Earth from the International Space Station.

Planet Earth Pictures

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