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  • Time-Dimension Travel
    Articles and links addressing the phenomenon of time travel.
  • Chronos Shrugged: The World of Time Travel
    Explores the concept of time travel, and provides sources of information, analysis, and entertainment in the field.
  • Chronos Technologies, Inc.
    A guide to time travel, teleportation, temporal phasing, and other applications of nine-dimensional theory.
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Time Travel
    A guide to time travel for beginners.
  • Grandfather Paradox
    States that time travel is impossible as exemplified by the famous grandfather paradox. Also includes the strange time travel paradox that was created by Robert Heinlein in his classic short story "All You Zombies."
  • Institute of Chronogenics
    Dedicated to following advancements in science and technology that support the future possibilities of time travel.
  • Instructions for Meeting Time Travelers
    Guide created by Bebe Williams.
  • NOVA: Time Travel
    Features an interview with Carl Sagan, a book excerpt, and a glossary.
  • Physics of the Mysterious
    Thoughts of a theoretical physicist on channeling, time travel, and the paradigm shift.
  • Scientific American: How to Build a Time Machine
    Discusses the physical theories regarding traveling in time to the future, as well as to the past.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Time Travel and Modern Physics
    Takes a look at time travel's inherently paradoxical nature.
  • Stephen's Time Travel Page
    Features lists of books, films, and links.
  • Strange Magazine: TimeTravel
    Collection of articles examining the scientific premises that suggest time travel is possible, incidents of possible time-slippage, and significant time travel films.
  • The Time Travel Fund
    The fund will be used to retrieve you, provide medical expenses, and provide a way for you to live, such as housing expenses and food, as well as educational expenses and what ever additional training or education you may need once you arrive in the future.
  • Time Loops: A Talk With Paul Davies
    Discussion with the theoretical physicist about the elasticity of time and the possibility of time travel.
  • Time Machine - Uncyclopedia
    Article about time machines, devices currently in use by individuals, governments, and organizations to change history to alter public opinion and to gather funds in the form of future lottery numbers, game scores, and horse race results.
  • Time Machines - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Article about time machines, a device which brings about closed timelike curves -- and thus enables time travel -- where none would have existed otherwise.
  • Time Travel
    An optimistic assertion about the possibilities of travel back and forth through time.
  • Time Travel - Crystalinks
    Article about time travel, the concept of traveling forward and backward to different points in time, much as we do through space.
  • Time Travel and Paradox
    Discusses how to get around the time travel paradoxes in science fiction writing and movies.
  • Time Travel in Flatland?
    Animated tutorial in physics, light cones, and causality.
  • Time Travel Institute
    Study and research of time travel and related materials.
  • Time Travel Paradoxes
    Examines the problems with temporal loop and alternative universe theories.
  • Time Travel WebRing
    Collection of sites about sci-fi time travel.
  • Time Travel: A Discussion
    Personal theories, thoughts, and opinions on the subject of time travel discussed from a philosophical viewpoint.
  • Time Travel: There's No Time Like Yesterday
    Investigates the various modes by which time travel can be accomplished and what consequences it has for the nature of the universe.
  • Time Travelers
    Online study group interested in time travel.
  • Titor, John (3)
    Sites about John Titor, the name used to post in message boards in 2000/2001 by a person or persons claiming to be an American soldier from 2036. Sites offer background information, claims made, time machine concept, predictions, and critical article about the web-based controversial topic.
  • Traveling Through Time...
    Paper considering: is it possible to travel through time, and if possible, under which circumstances?

Alternative Science > Time Travel

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