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  • UFO Files - The National Archives U.K.
    The newly released UFO files from the United Kingdom's National Archives contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1986-1992.
  • National UFO Reporting Center, The [pick] [read review]
    Includes a database of UFO sighting reports, a case highlight list, and historic accounts. Features an online UFO report form as well as an hotline to call in recent sightings.
  • UFO Evidence
    Provides an overview of the UFO phenomenon including a scientific presentation and analysis of the evidence.
  • Black Vault, The
    UFO related Freedom of Information Act correspondence and other documents.
  • [pick] [read review]
    Collection of artwork from thousands of years ago to the present day that represent UFOs in some shape or form. Also includes about the book The Alien Chronicles by Matthew Hurley.
  • UFO Casebook
    Features UFO case files, news, sightings, accounts of historic landing sites, pictures, and video, as well as alien abductions and encounters.
  • Cosmic Conspiracies
    UFOs on film, videos, famous UFO cases, alien abductions, strange-but-true events, and more.
    Provides information on UFO organizations, magazines, conferences, mailing lists, museums, and more. Also the official home of UFO ROUNDUP, a weekly compilation of UFO related events and stories.
  • UFO Online
    Research, photos, and accounts from the astounding world of Italian and international ufology. In English and Italian.
    Information site on the UFO phenomenon by and for professional scientists.
  • Project 1947
    A world-wide research project to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon, using historical records and documents obtained through the FOIA.
  • Computer UFO Network (CUFON)
    Dedicated to providing a source of reliable, verifiable information on the phenomenon.
  • UFO Evidence: UFO Photographs
    Catalog of UFO photographs that can be browsed by date or region. Also accepts submission of UFO photographs with background information.
    Offers UFO sighting videos, photos, and files.
  • Kenneth Arnold Sighting (5)
  • Unexplained, The
    Offers articles, videos, newsgroups, pictures, chat, and more about aliens, conspiracies, and UFOs.
  • UFO Watch
    Report and view sightings and abductions. Also homes the UFO Newsletter written by Philip Keeler.
  • Web O'Conspiracy
    The shadowy figures of the Global Government and the Beast of Revelation; the Cydonia face on Mars and the fallen angels; the Apocalypse and UFOs; and the Rapture and New Age Ascension.
  • Hall of UFO Mysteries
    History of strange things in the sky including the flying saucers, aircrafts, encounters, and hoaxes.
  • - The Alien Chronicles
    Interactive UFO site, covering all aspects of the UFO experience, aliens, crashes, and contact.

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