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  • Black Death, 1348
    Features map depicting the course of the plague through Europe and signs of and reactions to the disease.
  • Boccaccio: The Decameron - Introduction
    Onset of the Black Death, described by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375).
  • Black Death and the Jews 1348-1349 CE
    From the Jewish History Sourcebook.
  • Black Plague Web Directory
    Provides links to general information and primary sources.
  • Statute of Laborers, 1351
    Representative of the long-term problems of labor shortage caused by the Black Death.
  • Black Plague Simulation
    Lesson simulating a pilgrimage during the time of the Black Plague epidemic.
  • Ordinance of Laborers, 1349
    Vain attempt to freeze wages at their pre-plague levels, indicative of the labor shortage caused by the Black Death.
  • History of Western Civilization: The Black Death
    Includes origins, contemporary accounts, and effects.
  • Black Death - Culprit: Oriental Rat Flea
    Describes the plague and the role that fleas played in transmitting the epidemic.
  • PBS: Mystery of the Black Death
    Scientists study DNA to determine whether a genetic mutation saved the villagers of Eyam from death from the Black Plague. From the PBS series Secrets of the Dead.
  • Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies: The Black Death
    Outlines the origins of the plague, its approach on Europe, forms and description of the disease, economic and cultural effects, and more.
  • Decameron Web Plague Page
    Includes contemporary perspectives, origins, causes, effects, and the plague as a literary motif.
  • Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
    Archive of narratives, medical consilia, and religious and spiritual writings.

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