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  • Encyclopedia Titanica [*]
    Features illustrated biographies of thousands of passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic, with photographs, supporting documents, films, and recordings.
  • James Cameron's Titanic@
    Examines the history of the Titanic. Includes diagrams, deck plans, photos, maps, news, video clips, and more.
  • Titanic Historical Society
    Dedicated to preserving RMS Titanic history. Information on membership, activities, and offerings.
  • Brown, Molly (1867-1932) (3)
  • Ocean Planet: How Deep Can They Go?
    Includes maps, movies, audio clips, and links that examine attempts visit the final resting place of the R.M.S. Titanic.
  • Titanic Titanic!
    Expanding tribute to the RMS Titanic, and the ships of the White Star Line. Offers quizzes, a forum, games, crew and passenger lists, statistics, and more.
  • Titanic Inquiry Project
    Provides access to electronic copies of both the U.S. Senate and British Board of Trade Inquiries into the sinking.
  • Grave of the Titanic
    Discusses the RMS Titanic and her final resting place at the bottom of the Atlantic.
  • Ulster Titanic Society
    Researching RMS Titanic, her sister ships, the White Star Line, and the development of the Harland and Wolff shipyard, her birthplace.
  • Original Titanic Scale Model Page
    Information about the Minicarft / Acadamy 1/350 scale Titanic model. Gold medal detail, where to find it, photos of the finished kit, chat room, message board, and much more.
  • Titanic Disaster: Official Casualty Figures and Commentary
  • San Francisco?s Assessor Tells Story of the Wreck of the Titanic
    From which he escapes after a thrilling experience.
  • Online Titanic Museum
    Memorial items as well as authentic artifacts removed from the ship prior to her sailing and ultimate demise.
  • All Things Titanic
    Contains pictures, models, blueprints, and reproductions of documents.
  • Titanic Files
    Documents culled from the national archives of England and the U.S., ranging from the SOS message to claims for lost cargo. From The Smoking Gun.
  • WebTitanic
    Includes introduction, passenger lists, history, pictures, and more.
  • Titanic Disaster: An Enduring Example of Money Management vs. Risk Management
    An essay by Roy Brander, a professoional engineer.
  • Real Titanic
    Includes chronology, passenger list, crew, ship plans, and photographs.
  • Titanic: The Real Deal in 3-D
    From National Geographic.

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United Kingdom > Ships > RMS Titanic

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