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  • Warsaw Uprising, 1944 (7)
  • Katyn Forest Massacre (5)
  • Polish Resistance in WWII
    Provides articles, essays, and photographs on the underground resistance army. Site also in Polish and French.
  • Radzilow
    Memorial to the Polish shtetl. Includes the Holocaust, landsmanshaftn, genealogy, and photos. Also spelled Radzilowie, Radzilowe, and Radzilov.
  • Invasion of Poland (3)
  • Polish Navy 1918 - 1945
    History of Poland and its Navy during the Second World War.
  • Poland's Class of 1936
    Tribute to Janina Sulkowska, a student at Krzemieniec High School when the war broke out.
  • Polish Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht and Auxiliary Forces during WWII
    Brief history of Poland's occupation.
  • Shtetl
    Revisits a family shtetl, a small village, in Bransk, Poland, with Frontline producer Marian Marzynski who escaped the Warsaw ghetto as a child and was raised by Christians.
  • Poles: Victims of the Nazi Era 1933-1945
    Discusses the impact of German occupation and the Nazi regime on Poland including forced labor and the organization of the Polish resistance.
  • Poland at War
    Photographs by Stefan Mucha of Nazi-occupied Poland taken between 1939 and 1945.
  • General Langfitt Story, The
    Recounts the stories of Polish refugees who arrived in Australia in 1950 aboard a United States Army transport carrier the USAT General W. C. Langfitt. The online book is at the site of the department of immigration and citizenship of Australia.
  • Jedwabne

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