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  • Host, The (2007) (6)
    Watch the trailer for the movie The Host (aka Gwoemul), and find pictures and other info about the comedy/horror film about a monstrous creature who emerges from a river in Seoul, South Korea and spreads panic and death, especially to one family who is determined to kill the creature and save the life of the youngest member of their family.
  • Oldboy (4)
    Find sites for Oldboy, the Korean psycho-thriller examining the nature of sin and morality, based on a Japanese manga of the same name. Sites feature storyline, cast overview, production details, images, critics' reviews, and online resources for the film directed by Park Chan-wook.
  • Korean Film Commission (KOFIC)
    Government-supported and self-administered body promoting and supporting Korean films. Site offers Korean film database with accumulated statistics, box office, and newsletter.
  • Chihwaseon (3)
  • My Sassy Girl (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo) (5)
  • Untold Scandal (Joseon namnyeo sangyeoljisa) (4)
  • Wonderful Days
    After human civilization had ended due to war and pollution, only those few who had the power and technology escaped the disaster.
  • 2009 Lost Memories (4)
    Find out about 2009 Lost Memories, the science fiction action movie directed by Lee Si-myung. Sites feature storyline, cast, credits, video clips, wallpapers, posters, reviews, and production information about the South Korean movie which takes the audience into the future.
  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (3)
  • Doggy Poo
    A lonely little doggy poo meets a lovely dandelion sprout. Will she explain the purpose of his life and make his dreams come true?
  • Musa, The Warrior (5)
  • A Bittersweet Life (Dalkomhan insaeng) (2005) (5)
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (3)
  • Park, Chul-soo
  • Screen Quiz(SQ)
    Quiz game for World moviegoers. Based on the total score of each participant's four weeks of play.
  • Guns & Talks (3)
  • Joint Security Area (Gongdong Gyeongbi Guyeok JSA) (3)
    Explore Joint Security Area (Gongdong Gyeongbi Guyeok JSA), the film directed by Park Chan-wook which explores the fragile relationship between North and South Korea. Sites offer storyline, plot summary, reviews, as well as cast and crew details of the movie starring Yeong-ae Lee, Byung-hun Lee, and Kang-ho Song.
  • Bichunmoo (2)
  • Tell Me Something (1)

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