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  • Pinochet Ugarte, Augusto (4)
  • U.S.-Chile Documents
    Declassified documents relating to the military coup, 1970-1976.
  • Allende, Salvador (1908-1973) (5)
  • Lagos, Ricardo (4)
  • Chile 1964-1973
    Describes U.S. efforts to prevent Salvador Allende's election in 1964 and then to destabilize Chile after the 1970 election, leading up to the 1973 coup. From William Blum's Killing Hope.
  • Blest-Riffo, Clotario (1899-1990)
    Founder and first president of the Chilean Central Union of Workers (1953). Fundador y primer presidente de la Central Unica de Trabajadores de Chile.
  • Chilean Electoral System
    Describing the system as it existed prior to Pinochet coming to power in 1973.

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