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  • Internet FAQ Consortium
    Featuring an archive of Usenet frequently asked questions.
  • WikiAnswers Q&A Community
    Question and answer database with a full directory of topics, including entertainment, history, Internet, science, parenting, and many more.
  • wiseGEEK
    Giving clear answers for a wide variety of common questions. Topics include home and garden, manufacturing and industry, technology and gadgets, and crafts and do-it-yourself.
  • Answerbag
    User-built and moderated collection of universal Frequently Asked Questions.
  • QueryCAT
    QueryCAT offers a large database of frequently asked questions.
  • Internet FAQ Archives
    Contains Usenet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings in Hypertext format and in FTP archive textual format.
  • Difference Between
    Articles explaining the differences between similar terms, objects, and ideas.
  • Used FAQs
    Blog provides a roundup of answers to popular, important, and not-so-important questions asked around the Web.
  • Infinite Ink: Finding Periodic Postings
    Online guide helps users find hypertext FAQs and periodic informational postings, also known as PIPs.
  • FAQs by Archive-Name
    Lists hundreds of FAQs from popular Usenet newsgroups.
  • Infinite Ink: FAQs About FAQs
    Learn the basics about FAQs, including basic newsgroup etiquette, writing and posting FAQs, and more.
  • Infinite Ink: List of Periodic Informational Postings
    Lists the PIPs including articles with subject line, who posted it, and how often it is posted.
  • Buyer's Questions and Answers
    Provides a database of frequently asked questions by buyers. Categories include autos, home and garden, consumer electronics, and education.
    Find answers to common questions in different fields like education, business, employment, travel, and more.
    Question and answer database with a directory of topics submitted by readers.

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