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  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Auto-ID Center
    Research program creating standards for smart technology objects including chips, barcodes, tags, and packaging.
  • Wikipedia: Barcode
    User-generated article about barcodes. Learn how the optical codes started as a sequence of parallel lines, and have come to include patterns of dots, circles, and images.
  • Bar Codes
    Short history of the bar code, with diagrams from the original patent.
  • UK Article Number Association
    Background to the Association and its activities with information on product numbering, barcode standards and Electronic Data Interchange.
  • How to Read 12 Digit UPC Barcodes
    Tricks for deciphering U.S. bar codes, usually made up of ten digits at the bottom of the code and one small number to each side. Impress your friends!
  • INSIGHT Knowledge Data Base
    Automatic identification, bar codes, EDI, point of sale (POS), label printing and other auto id technologies, plus listings of numerous individual vendors.
  • Barcode Reader - Wikipedia
    User-edited article on barcode reader, an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. Covers types of scanners and methods of connection.
  • GetHipp
    Providing virtual services including web design, presentations, data entry, and Internet research.
  • Barcode Server
  • History of the Bar Code
    Detailed history of bar codes from Wonders of Modern Technology Magazine. Read how the optical codes revolutionized grocery stores and data processing.
  • Build a Barcode
    Make a bar code out of any text. Choose the symbology and properties of your code from the pull-down menus, and click to see the bar code you made.
  • Bar Code Glossary
    Technical terms used to describe bar codes and barcoding, with definitions and explanations.
  • Barcode Reader
    Learn about barcode readers, also known as price scanners.,,sid9_gci857995,00.html

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