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  • Brewster Society, The
    International organization for designers, collectors, and lovers of kaleidoscopes. Founded by Cozy Baker, the "First Lady of American kaleidoscopes."
  • Kaleidoscope Heaven
    Kaliedoscope enthusiast site, including a kaleidoscope of the month, the math of kaleidoscopes, and images of mirror systems and configurations.
  • Virtual Kaleidoscope
    Flash animation that allows users to design and create their very own kaleidoscope online.
  • Kaleidoscope Collector: How Kaleidoscopes Work
    Illustrated explanations of how kaleidoscopes produce repeating images. Covers multiple designs and types of kaleidoscopes.
  • FAQ: Kaleidoscopes
    Frequently asked questions about kaleidoscopes, including how kaleidoscopic images are produced and how to make a kaleidoscope yourself.
  • 3-D Kaleidoscope
    Image from a computer-generated 3D kaleidoscope created by Clifford Pickover.
  • Science Hobbyist Project: The Disgusto-scope
    Instructions to create a "Disgusto-scope," a kaleidoscope which can be used to create the illusion of multi-eyed monsters and other strange sights.
  • DIY Network: Kaleidoscopes
    Step-by-step instructions and tips on making your own kaleidoscope from the DIY network.,2025,DIY_13752_2277179,
  • Infography: Kaleidoscopes
    Bibliography of books and web sites for people looking for more information about kaleidoscopes.
  • Earth Echo: Kaleidoscopes
    Kaleidoscope images, described from a spiritual perspective.
  • Melody's Kaleidoscopes
    Images of kaleidoscopes from one enthusiast's collection, including dragon, pirate, seashell, and stained glass kaleidoscopes.

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