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  • Halloween Collectibles
    All about collectible and antique Halloween decorations and other themed items.
  • Signalfan
    Collector of old traffic signals and road signs. Also interested in the preservation of old signals and signs for their historical value.
  • Guzzlefish
    Catalog system that allows users to organize and share their collection of DVDs, CDs, and games online.
  • Yossie's Handcuff Collection
    Handcuff and restraint collection, including numerous antique handcuffs, leg irons, and other restraint devices.
    Features electricity articles, history, and galleries, as well as antique fan, radio, lighting, and scientific collecting resources.
  • Sneaker Net, The
    Includes images from a large personal collection of sneakers and running shoes.
  • Treasure Jar
    A family collects objects they find on the streets.
  • A to Zee
    Directory of various collecting web sites including postcards, magazines, money, dolls, stamps, and more.
  • Kitschy-Kitschy-Coo
    Stories about collectors and their collections, and anything else related to collecting.
  • My Tissue Box Cover Collection
    With pictures of unusual tissue box covers.
  • SwizzleDD's Swizzle Stick Collection [pick] [read review]
    Includes online galleries of her collection, organized by origin.
  • Rare Treasures
    Articles and tips on how to invest and care for fine art, crafts, coins, and other collectibles.
  • Coffee Stirrer Central
    Humorous site devoted to the collection of coffee stirrers, also known as stirrectomology.
  • Weird eBay Finds
    Bonnie Burton relives her childhood by buying pop culture toys and artifacts online. Photos and descriptions of the truly tacky and exotic.
  • Cameron's Band-Aid Collection
  • Kilokat's Antique Light Bulb Collectors Site
    Information and photos featuring antique light bulbs.
    For jukebox collectors.
  • Squirl
    Gives collectors a home on the Web by allowing them to organize and share their collections online by uploading pictures and descriptions of their stuff to their own virtual collections.
  • Brian's Page of Antique Weirdness
    A collection of bizarre items displaying racism, ignorance, nudity, sex, or just plain weirdness within a historical context.
  • 75 Years of Band-Aid
    Featuring pictures of old bandage tins.

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Hobbies > Collecting

Directory > Recreation > Hobbies > Collecting

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