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  • Phoenyx Internet Roleplaying
    Home for a variety of games, worldbuilding and RPG industry discussions. We offer mailing lists for gamemasters.
  • VGA Planets (3)
  • Shadow Island Games
    Offering play-by-email Arena (gladiatorial combat) and Olympia (fantasy wargame). Also home of the master PBM FTP site and some web-based gaming archives.
  • Crasiworld
    Roleplaying game Crasimoff's World, sci-fi adventure in Phantasmech, apocalypse wargaming in Warlord and football management in Extra-Time.
  • Shades of the Past: A Sailor Moon RPG
    Role playing game based on the all Sailor Moon episodes up to Sailor Moon 5.
  • 2d10
    Offers information about RPG's, game classifieds, and a forum.
  • Imperial Secrets
    Set in a unique world, Etherea, with seven isles to play in.
  • Merry Prankster Games
    Atlantis, a strategic fantasy play by email game.
  • Mysticora
    A complete fantasy world. This is the ultimate in realism and fantasy!!!
  • Equinox: Amber
    Campaign logs, background, character detail, game history, plus information on how to join the game.
  • Can You Imagine Software, Inc.
    Makers of Color Scheme software and role playing game Omega M17
  • PBEM
    Resource for play by email Battletech.
  • Gondor Battle of the Lost Realms
    Fantasy strategic play by email game. Muliplayer Internet game with fantasy roleplaying and wargame elements.
  • Olympia
    A computer moderated fantasy role-playing game which is played by electronic mail.
  • Void RPG, The
    Science fiction and horror play by Email RolePlaying game centering around the crew of The Traveller, an experimental starship, in an era where mankind is beginning to colonise the galaxy.
  • History of Sonic Online RPG, The
    Sonic the Hedgehog online RPG played via message board, and AIM.
  • Gundam Vengence
    Interactive RPG through email. Based on the Gundam series.

Play By Email > Role Playing

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