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  • 7th Circle [telnet]
    Roleplaying environment based on Smaug code.
  • A Merging of Fates
  • Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands
    A playerkilling, enforced-roleplaying MUD that offers unique races and classes. A resource for players to gather information and knowledge.
  • Aaezure Odyssey (3)
  • Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands
    With detailed combat, politics, and economics.
  • ActofWar
    Join us in the quest to become legendary.
  • Adventures Unlimited
    Religious wars and power struggles in the land of Tharel.
  • Aesir MUD
    Friendly immortals, roleplying is encouraged but not a must, pkilling is allowed but not mandatory, many totally unique areas.
  • Aftermath (1)
  • Age of Ancients
  • Age of Chivalry
    Information about the Age of Chivalry game and the staff that runs it.
  • Age of the Celts
  • Ainumud
    Fantasy/medieval theme.
  • Aldebaran (2)
  • Altered Reality
    Features a good environment for restricted player killing, skill and level based training system, and more.
  • Alternate Reality MUD
    Where the brave shall live forever.
  • Ancient Anguish (7)
  • Ancient Realms Mud
  • Angalon
    A wholly original medieval fantasy land.
  • Areth MUD
    Medieval fantasy MUD, also based on the sliders show.
  • Armageddon (1)
  • Ashavar's Legacy
    Classless mud that features online building of areas and socials.
  • Astaria (2)
  • Asylum MUD
    Fantasy-based MUD providing an escape from reality.
  • AuroraMUD (2)
  • AustinMud (2)
  • Avalon@
  • Avatar MUD (3)
  • Banished Lands
    A multiclass, multiplayer, limited pk, DentinMUD.
  • Bat MUD
    Role-playing adventure game.
  • BatMUD
    Located on a dedicated server at the Technical University of Helsinki, Finland.
  • British Legends
  • Caen's Domain
    A look into the world of Lensmoor, as seen through the eyes of Caen.
  • Calindria
    World of fantasy where visions of fancy and lands of enchantment are a common occurrence.
  • Cardea
    Imagine a world of fantasy and strategy, where might, magic, and strength of character may lead to glory.
  • CarnageMud
  • CarnageMud [telnet]
    Tonnes of areas, interactive mobs and items.
  • Carrion Fields Official Site
    Adventure, politics and bloody war await you in this life of swords, sorcery, deception, and honor.
  • Castle Arcanum (3)
  • Chaos Wastes (1)
  • CheesyMUD
    A friendly, relaxed MUD for the retro gamer.
  • Chronicles of Chaos II
    Fantasy roleplaying multiuser dungeon.
  • Continents Mud
    An adventure type mud in a Medieval/Fantasy theme.
  • Crimson Gate
    Level mud with friendly IMPS and players. Independent questing. Special skills for cabals.
  • Crumbling World Mud
    Looking for experienced mudder to enter our world and raise havock, the first few people to impress the gods with ideas will be granted immortality.
  • Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL)
    Loosely based on DragonLance.
  • Dark Mists (2)
  • DarkBlade
    Has MUD and MUCK halves. MUD side is gang-war city CHAOS; MUCK side is many player-built countries.
  • Dead of Night, The
    11 races, 9 classes, unlimited multi-classing and unlimited levels make for real variety.
  • Deathlogs
    Allows mudders to post deathlogs/pk logs and all sort of other logs for easy viewing. Contains highscores and player information for different MUDs.
  • Destiny Mud
    Friendly IMM's, no player killing in a role playing atmosphere.
  • DirtyMUD
  • Discworld MUD
    Discworld MUD is a multiplayer, text-based, online game based on the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, where users can meet many of the characters from those books. MUD includes 14 areas (domains) totalling over a million rooms, the opportunity to become a member of one of 6 guilds, a citizen of one of the many city-states on the disc, and much more.
  • Distant Lands
    A free text based fantasy roleplaying game. Meet new people from around the world.
  • Divine Blood MUD
    Medieval fantasy PK mud. Newbie friendly.
  • DragonSword
    Lima Mudlib on MudOS.
  • Dusk
    Travel to mystical lands and fight monsters of all sorts. Build up your power and become the strongest in the land.
  • Earthmud
  • Edge of Darkness, The
    Magical and mystical medieval fantasy world.
  • Elephant MUD
    A large, old, and well established MUD in a medieval vein, and with a unique feel.
  • Elusive Dreams
  • Elysium
    Original RPG where players can build an empire, become a royal official, join an order or guild, sail the seas, and acquire skills such as demonology and herbalism.
  • Eternal Empire
    Looking for a high powered mud with unlimited leveling?
  • Ethereal Mist MUD
  • Everdark (1)
  • Exile
    A fully unique interactive world of fantasy, magic, and imagination. Embark on adventures throughout the realm with players from around the world.
  • Exodus MUD
    Featuring heavily customized code.
  • Fandra
    A complete new world, full of heros and horrifieng monsters.. and roleplaying gods! A new career awaits you!
  • Final Challenge, The (1)
  • Forgotten Legacies
    Mud is based on Rom and features a classless system, a unique practice system, and more.
  • Galactic Conquest
    Text-based MUD in which the mission is to conquer the galaxy.
  • Gamepad
  • Geas
    Level-less and classless fantasy role playing game.
  • GemStone III@
  • Genesis 3.0 Telnet Session
  • Grendel's Cave (1)
  • Harshlands
    Skill-based medieval MUD role-playing game.
  • Hexen III
  • ifMUD: A MUD Forever Voyaging
    A MUD for discussion of interactive fiction.
  • Inferno MUD
    An Abermud using an idirt 1.82 codebase.
  • Ishar
  • JediMUD
  • Kalith Online
    A galaxy full of wonderous aliens, exotic worlds, magical devices, vast fleets, awesome technology and endless adventure.
  • Kallisti
    Diverse and feature-rich MUD.
  • Kingdoms
    Offers regulated playerkilling and guilds in a medieval world.
  • Kingdoms of Ravenlocke
    Easy to learn and has a friendly immortal staff. Racial evolution.
  • Lakes of Darkness
    Offers both classic areas in their original form as well as unique, player-made areas.
  • Land of Karchan
    A land filled with mystery and enchantment. Where the sun rises, and the moon falls. Where one can change into a hero with a single swipe of his sword.
  • Land of Ruins II
    Come discover hidden treasure, interract with new friends and explore new places!
  • Lands of Evermore
    Fantasy-themed roleplaying.
  • Legend Of The Dragon Balls MUD
  • Legend of the Red Dragon
  • LegendMUD
  • Legends of Cosrin (4)
  • Legends of the Darkstone
    Fantasy-based medieval role playing MUD.
  • Legends of the Lance
    Dragonlance-based MUD.
  • Lensmoor
  • LooneyMUD
    ThE LoOnIeSt MUD oN tHe PlAnEt!!
  • Lost Realms
    Based on a combination of ADD and Tolkien.
  • Lost Souls (1)
  • Lysators MUDs
    A MUD which you can play by your mobile phone.
  • MadROM
  • Mage's Lair MUD
  • Magia [telnet]
    Many different place for your character to fit in.
  • Magrathea
    MUD loosely based on Douglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide trilogy.
  • Mark of the Beast
    Science fiction/futuristic/medieval MUD.
  • Materia Magica (2)
  • Medievia (3)
  • Melmoth
    Your destiny awaits.
  • Moongate
    A multiplayer, interactive fantasy network, leading the edge in online roleplaying.
  • Mortal Realms (1)
  • MUD Source
    A repository of mud resources. Code snippets and Area files can be found for rom, merc, envy, circle or just about any C-based mud.
  • MUD2.COM
    Version of Richard Bartle's original
  • Mystic Adventure Front Door
    Highly-customized MUD with battlefields, shops, and millions and millions of monsters.
  • NannyMUD
    The main MUD at Lysator.
  • Nanvaent
    One of the original MUDs, dating back more than a decade with a medieval fantasy-style and over 100,000 rooms.
  • NC: The Northern Crossroads
    With unique races, classes, zones, skills/spells, optional playerkilling, friendly and helpful players.
  • NetherWorld
    Featuring multi-classing, unlimited leveling opportunities, mostly original areas, and more.
    telnet:// 4000
  • Nightmist (1)
  • Northern Crossroads, The (1)
  • PerlMUD
    Written in Perl 5.0 and compatible with the TinyMUD command set
  • Plains of Asherah, The [telnet]
    Lasses, skills, and zones; race-specific skills; built in quests; race; and much, much more. Also looking for builders.
    telnet:// 4000
  • Portloe [telnet]
    A medieval fishing village full of interesting adventures and characters.
  • Quicksilver
    telnet:// 9000
  • Rapture MUD
    Offering multiclassing, subclassing, arena, limited PK and much more.
  • Reality mud 2.0 [telnet]
  • Realm of Utopian Dreams
    Twelve races and classes and a friendly atmosphere where roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded.
  • Realms of Thunder
    MUD programming, code snippets, ROM, ROT, and derivatives.
  • RealWorld MUDD [telnet]
    Rumbles daily. Full PKill yet very newbie safe.
  • Rebirth of Arda
  • Redemption Mud
    Two continent world with unique races, classes, and spells.
  • Regenesis
  • RetroMUD
    A challenging and complex mud with six different worlds.
  • Rites of Passage
    Fast paced good vs evil pk mud, featuring EmlenMud code, remorts, warpoints and more.
  • RockyMUD
    Online gaming environment emphasizing humor and fun. Also the development ground for the Rocky codebase.
  • Rworld Mudd [telnet]
    All the Circ/Dirku zones you now and love and the Donation room is always full. Many high level players to help.
  • Sanity's Edge
    Cyberpunk genre MUD set in the decaying center of Edge City.
  • ScryMUD
    Post-apocalypse; magic has re-surfaced in the Land.
  • Sea of Storms
    Based on Wheel of Time.
  • Shadowdale (1)
  • Shadowland
    Dedicated to Shadowrun, White Wolf's Storyteller games, and Dungeons and Dragon's Planescape setting.
  • Shattered Kingdoms MUD
    A sword-and-sorcery MUD where role-playing is emphasized.
  • Shattered World
  • Silkroad Online
    Official site for the online role-playing game Silkroad Online. Characters set out to find adventure and kill monsters for glory and power on the long path known as the Silk Road. Site includes downloads, news, forums, game guides, and screenshots.
  • SneezyMUD
    Original roleplaying game.
  • Sodden Earth [telnet]
  • Split Infinity
    Online multi-user dimension offering an exciting interplanetary universe to explore.
  • StackMud
    telnet:// port:8000
  • Stick in the Mud
    Cool mud! Social atmosphere!
    telnet:// 9000
  • Synergy
  • TAPPMud
  • TerraFirmA
    Are you ready for the challenge?
  • Thieves World MUD
  • To Banished Grounds
    Enter a mystical world of fantasy filled with endless class/race options, not to mention Werewolves and a Vampire Code based on V:TM.
  • TravMud
  • Tsunami MUD
    Dynamic MUD offering a range of classes and races.
  • Underworld Dreams
    Fantasy based MUD in which characters go on adventures and combat creatures as well as fighting each other for supremacy.
  • Underworld, The
    A stable mud with 65 mortal levels, lots of spells and skills, as well as friendly players and Gods!
  • UNItopia
    MUD in Germany
  • VargonMUD
  • Vergotha
    Fantasy role playing game set in a world with a rich background.
  • Warders: The Gaidin of the White Tower of Tar Valon.
    From the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, and MUDs dedicated to them.
  • Waterdeep: City Of Splendors (1)
  • Xyllomer (1)
  • Yipe [telnet]
    A MUD with a strange sense of humor.
  • ZombieMUD (1)

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