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  • World of Darkness (21)
    Learn about the World of Darkness, the live action roleplaying game and its various versions including Werewolf - The Apolcalypse, Vampire - The Masquerade, and Camarilla. Sites include game versions, rules and forms, history, messageboards, and news updates for the LARP games based on the settings of the Dark Ages. Also find sites for World of Darkness versions of MUDs, MUSHes, and MOOs.
  • Kings of Chaos
    Be a warlord controlling an army and attempting to become the most powerful force in Middle-earth.
  • Pac Manhattan
    Large-scale urban game that utilizes the New York City grid to recreate the 1980s video game sensation Pac-Man.
  • Dagorhir
    Dark age Europe meets Tolkien's Middle Earth in a live action battle game.
  • Darkon (1)
    Learn about Darkon, the war game system featuring medieval enactment, roleplaying, and full contact combat. Sites offer game details, rules and forms, wargaming club, events schedule, message boards, and documentary on the live action RPG.
  • Amtgard (3)
    Read about Amtgard, the live action roleplaying game based on medieval Renaissance. Sites offer game history, rules of the play, regional chapters, message boards, events calendar, and news updates on the swords and sorcery LARP enactment game.
  • Amtgard Atlas
    Amtgard Atlas provides information on groups that belong to Amtgard, an international society for LARP enthusiasts.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade (13)
    Find sites for Vampire: The Masquerade, the live action roleplaying game and its LARPs in the dark world of vampires. Sites offer game background, rules and forms, gameplaying clubs, players' network, and message boards for the vampire game.
  • Divine Divinity
    Detailed live action RPG featuring a densely populated, eventful fantasy world.
  • Archaea
    Fantasy LARP/W system with point-based character creation, skills, magic, & misticism.
  • Epoch (2)
    Learn about Epochs, the live action roleplaying games through sites which feature background information, organizations, message boards, as well as outdoor and indoor events to suit the seasons.
  • Legends Roleplaying
    Medieval fantasy roleplaying game in the Boston area.
  • LARP Space
    Community site includes profiles of LARP enthusiasts, blogs, groups, videos, and photos.
  • Barking Mad Productions
    Producers of fun, quality live action role playing games and conventions.
  • Live Action Role Playing Meetup Groups
    Find a local LARP group to meet up and participate in LARP activities.
  • Age of Valor (2)
    Find sites for Age of Valor, the fantasy world of live action roleplaying games world which offer information, news, updates, and forum for the boffer style larp in New England.
  • Shakespeare Eclectic Science Fiction Interactive Theatre
    Freeform live action roleplaying game archive.
  • Adventures in Mid-Land LARP
    Horror and Sci-fi LARP games run.
  • Live Effects LARP
    Live Effects stages Live Action Roleplay events in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.
  • Children of Malar
    LARP group with its own mythos.

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Live Action Role Playing Games

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