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  • All Star Puzzles: Cryptogram Puzzles
    Featuring a large collection of cryptogram puzzles consisting of quotable quotes, hints, and a hidden author's name for each puzzle.
  • American Cryptogram Association (2)
    Find sites for the American Cryptogram Association (ACA), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the hobby and art of cryptanalysis, that is, learning to break ciphers.
  • Brain Food: Cryptograms
    Offering a collection of cryptogram puzzles that consist of encoded English sayings or quotations. Find hints and solutions for each puzzle.
  • CRpuzzles: Cryptograms
    Offering classic cryptogram quote puzzles with an added challenge of deciphering the author's name from the cipher-quote letter pairs used to solve the puzzle.
  • Crypto Challenge
    Featuring a software application used to substitute letters in cryptogram puzzles.
  • Cryptogram Game
    Decipher a daily cryptogram puzzle or create your own. Includes hints for solving current puzzles. Requires Flash.
  • Cryptograms
    Featuring helpful hints and tips to solving cryptogram puzzles, with new puzzles to work on weekly. Includes an archive of answers to previous cryptograms, and an honor roll for expert solvers.
  • Cryptograms Weekly
    Featuring weekly cryptogram puzzles about quotations, aphorisms, and the like. Includes FAQs, publication information, and an archive of previous puzzles.
  • Cryptographs
    Puzzles featuring a quotation whose letters have been transposed and a portrait of the source or subject of the quotation.
  • Puzzlemaker - Cryptograms
    Use the Discovery School's Puzzlemaker to create your own cryptogram puzzles.
  • Edgar Allan Poe Cryptographic Challenge
    Find information for "The Challenge Cryptograph" a 150-year-old cryptograph which may have been written by Poe. Includes details on how the cipher was solved and the mystery that still surrounds the puzzle.
  • Kidzone: Cryptogram Maker
    Choose to solve a number of pre-made cryptograms or build your own cryptogram puzzle to challenge your friends.
  • Literary Cryptograms
    Each cryptogram puzzle features an encoded quotation from a literary work, that has been encrypted using a simple letter substitution code.
  • Newspaper Cryptogram and Contest
    Compete in three daily cryptogram puzzle contests from the Daily Cryptogram, a part of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune newspaper.
  • NOVA: Decoding Nazi Secrets
    Learn how the Allies were able to crack codes produced by Enigma, a supposedly impenetrable German cipher machine, and thereby influence the course of WWII.

Word Puzzles > Cryptograms

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