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  • Erazmatazz: Interactive Storytelling Tools for Writers
    Chris Crawford's Erasmatron authoring system creates a non-linear fictional environment where players act inside a dramatic universe called a storyworld.
  • Interactive Fiction Competition
    Annual interactive fiction competition for short text adventures, hosted by readers of the Usenet newsgroup
  • XYZZYnews
    Zine for fans of text adventure/interactive fiction games (such as Zork and the other old Infocom games).
  • Mentally Incontinent
    User-contributed stories usually of the silly variety.
  • Scott Adams Grand Adventures
    Homepage of the developer who wrote a number of classic adventure games in the late '70s and early '80s.
  • Stories.Com
    Featuring interactive stories, madlibs, fiction, and poetry.
  • ifMUD: A MUD Forever Voyaging
    A MUD for discussion of interactive fiction.
  • Planetarium
    Illustrated puzzle story in twelve weekly installments, starting from when you first visit.
  • PDD's Adventure Page
    Overview of classic text adventure game companies.
  • FAQ -
  • Adventureland
    Lists interactive fiction adventure games.
  • Scott's Interactive Fiction Page

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