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  • CleanMPG
    An online community to help you learn how to raise fuel economy and lower emissions no matter what you drive.
  • Wikipedia: Fuel Economy-Maximizing Behaviors
    Discussion of the various ways that drivers can maximize their vehicle's fuel efficiency, the most common technique being hypermiling.
  • Wired How-To Wiki: Hypermiling
    Article with simple instructions for getting more than 40 miles per gallon without a hybrid. Includes the somewhat controversial advanced techniqes.
  • TreeHugger: Hypermiling Becoming More Popular
    Aritcle and public discussion on hypermiling techniques. Includes links to other fuel efficiency articles.
  • Hypermiling with Josh Zumbrun
    Transcript of an online discussion hosted by Josh Zumbrun, Washington Post staff writer. In his Honda, Josh went from getting 48 miles per gallon to 75.6 miles per gallon after he started hypermiling.
  • Tricks and Techniques For Hypermiling in a Hybrid
    Lists techniques for getting maximum fuel mileage from a hybrid vehicle. Includes pulse and glide, forced auto stop, ridge riding, and others.
  • Zimbio: Hypermiling
    User submitted articles on hypermiling techniques and tips. Includes links to popular news articles.
  • Mahalo: Hypermiling
    Collection of hypermiling resources and links that includes fast facts and related terms.
  • Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling
    Driving tips and resources from EcoTrekker, covering the best hypermiling techniques to the most out of a tank of gas. Also includes links to hypermiling articles and blogs, and a list of the best cars for hypermiling.
  • Hypermiling Forums
    Share your hypermiling techniques with others. Find forums covering fuel economy news, gas saving experiments, hypermiling tips, car reviews, and videos.
  • Rantings of Stu: Hypermiling
    Read blog entries about one man's exploration into hypermiling techniques and theory.

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