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  • AdCritic
    Archive of commercial spots. Paid subscription required.
  • Sony Bravia
    Includes extended QuickTime videos of the colorful bouncing balls and paint splashing commercials for Sony's Bravia flat screen LCD monitors.
  • [pick] [read review]
    Celebrates western stars who use their fame to make large sums of money in a short time by advertising products in Japan that they would probably never use.
  • Very Funny Ads
    Companion site to the TBS Very Funny ad campaign, showing TV commercials ranked among the world's funniest.
  • Music from TV Commercials [pick] [read review]
    Provides song titles and band names for a variety of commercials.
  • Coca-Cola Television Advertisements [pick] [read review]
    Presents a variety of television advertisements, never-broadcast outtakes, and experimental footage reflecting the historical development of television advertising for a major commercial product.
  • Living Room Candidate, The [pick] [read review]
    From the American Museum of the Moving Image. A history of presidential campaign commercials from 1952-2000.
  • Commercial Breaks and Beats
    U.K. TV advert music database searchable by artist, company, song title, or campaign.
  • Commercial Closet
    Features worldwide commercials with lesbian and gay themes, including same-sex kisses. Learn about related corporate marketing an advertising efforts.
  • 'Boards
    Magazine covering the international business of commercial production. Features articles, screening room, and more.
  • Apple Computer (15)
  • [pick] [read review]
    Blog provides information on music from TV ads, film trailers, and more.
  • Best Ads on TV
    Funny, clever, and weird ads from around the world.
  • Videomercials
    Find TV commercials from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Ads are available on VHS and DVD and can also be downloaded in a WAV format.
    International advertising awards, selecting the best on a monthly basis.
  • Somebody Else's Phone - Nokia Supernova
    A director, fashion designer, and model have lost their Supernova phones and you have access. Peek inside to see the drama unfold. Brought to you by Nokia.
  • USA TV Ads
    Includes an archive of new and vintage commercials.
  • Budweiser (4)
  • Commercials I Hate
    Nathan Alexander reviews television ads that perplex, annoy, and enrage. Message board lets commercial haters vent their frustrations.
  • Song of the Salesman
    Guide to music used in TV adverts in the U.K.

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Television Commercials

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