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  • Rabbit Blog
    Blog of a writer.
    Photo blog by Rachelle Bowden, a New York City-based designer. Includes a section on street writing found on the sidewalks of the city.
  • Radwin, Michael J.
    Tales of a software engineer who keeps kosher, hates the Web, and rambles about intellectual property.
  • Rance
    Web log from a Hollywood type.
  • Random Abstract
    Geek blog with random links and useless stuff.
    News, opinion, e-commerce, the outdoors, and more.
  • Ranters' Network
    Place to debate controversy in a world torn apart by ideologies.
  • Daily
    Technology, politics, media criticism, and occasional humor lovingly maintained by Rafe Colburn.
  • Real John Doe, The
    Artificial intelligence, poetry, web design, and theology.
  • RealClimate
    Blog commentary on climate science by working climate scientists.
  • Rebecca's Pocket
    News of the world as seen through Rebecca Blood's filter of cynical idealism, plus gothica and other web design resources.
  • reBlog
    Republishing the best blog posts from around the Web.
  • Redneck High
    Trials and tribulations of a good ol' boy in the high tech field.
  • Reenhead
    Blog by Maureen, a law student and punk wannabe.
  • Reinvented
    A variety of subjects since 1999.
  • Religious Policeman, The
    Saudi man's diary of life in the "Magic Kingdom", where the Religious Police ensure that everything remains as it was in the Middle Ages.
  • Republic of T., The
    Blog of a black, gay, vegetarian, Buddhist, liberal dad.
  • Resources Center
    Blog, resources, references, tools, and news for success in business, life and health, personal finance, education, parenting, and relationships.
  • ResourceShelf's DocuTicker [pick] [read review]
    Daily update of new reports from government agencies, NGOs, think tanks, and other groups.
  • Richard Bennett's Omphalos
    Navel of the blogosphere, mother of all blogs, and vainest of the vanities.
  • Rick's Ramblings
    Thoughts and musings from Rick Umali.
  • Rising Slowly
    Forecast: bloggy. A U.K. weather blog.
  • Road to Surfdom, The
    An intermittent blog by Tim Dunlop walking the fine line between idiot and savant.
  • Robb, John
    Blog about blogs, technology, news, and more.
    Includes blog, pictures, and cam.
  • robot action boy
    The past, the present, the future, and spaces inbetween.
  • Robot Wisdom Weblog
    Daily archive of news, views, and items of interest by Jorn Barger.
  • Rupaul's Weblog
    Official blog of Rupaul, with daily insight into the life and times of a diva.

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