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  • dabbler, the
    Bits of this and bits of that: media, pop culture, Chicago, and personal rants.
    Play with him at your own risk. Don't expect an ongoing anger-management program.
  • Dadblog
    Look and learn, son. Look and learn.
  • Daddy Types
    Blog for new dads featuring useful gear, advice, news, and resources.
  • Daily Beast, The
    Daily conglomeration by Tina Brown of blog posts, opinions, and news from various sources.
  • Daily Blah, The
    Thoughts, mad ramblings, and some personal stuff from Time magazine's Chris Taylor.
  • Daily Croissant, The
    Explores and links to culture, food, books, music, languages, philosophy, and travel.
  • Daily Dean, The
    Berkeley graduate student and observer of gay life on politics, language, media, and sex.
  • Daily Jive
    Examines interesting findings in art, technology, culture, and the ever-astonishing strangeness of the human condition.
  • Daily Pets
    Blog that provides a new, and often funny photo of pets every day, including dogs and cats.
  • Daily Ping, The
    A rant, whine, or simple piece of weirdness brought to you each day. Searchable archive and reader comment section included.
  • Daily Rant, The
    Jay Caruso and Jane Finch share thoughts on politics, sports, and pop culture from both sides with no BS.
  • Daisey, Mike [pick] [read review]
    Blog from the actor, commentator, general layabout, and author of 21 Dog Years: Doing and The Ugly American.
  • dam site, a
    Links, commentary, and bad spelling from author David A. Mazzotta.
  • Damn Interesting [pick] [read review]
    A collection of damn interesting things including sections devoted to energy, cars, computing, disasters, medical science, space, wonders of nature, and plenty more.
  • Dash, Anil
    Internet technologist, entrepreneur, and writer living and working in New York City.
  • Davenetics
    Blog covering pop culture, media, and the Web.
  • Davos Newbies
    Year-round Davos of the mind, written by Lance Knobel.
  • Deborama's Weblog
    Provides commentary on news, history, politics, religion, and sex from an American living in England.
  • Deceptikons
    Rantings of a liberal, disillusioned by the erosion of civil liberty in Britain.
  • Dedicated to Women
    Features various articles related to woman related to jewellery, health, and relationships.
  • Dedman, Jim
    Various columns and editorials, with links, movie reviews, and more.
  • defective yeti
    Read Seattle-based Matthew Baldwin's rants.
  • Defense Tech
    Defense and military blog featuring news and links. Edited by Noah Shachtman.
  • Delacour, Jonathon
    Crossbreeding fiction, essayistic speculation, and autobiography in a linear notebook rather than a linear narrative form.
  • DeLong, Brad
    Thoughts of the moment on economics, and on other topics as well.
  • demandmedia [pick] [read review]
    Collaborative video blog in which users post and comment on video footage found on the Web.
    Dispatches and links from New Orleans.
  • deputydog
    Frequently updated blog dedicated to showcasing weird and incredible examples of world's fascinating architecture, inspirational design, and natural oddities.
  • DesiPundit
    Well designed blog with random links and commentary on various categories, including movies, technology, photography, television, and sports.
  • Detention
    Musings of a middle school social studies teacher about life, TV, food, teaching, and any other thing he can think of.
  • Diary of an Average Australian
    The light-hearted diary of an average, almost normal, occasionally hard-working, just about sane Australian living in Melbourne. Updated weekly.
    Public web log for really crappy days.
  • Diderot's Diary
    A forum of encyclopaedic scope.
  • digital dust
    New Zealander adventuring in London, living in Brixton, and working for the BBC.
    A big waste of time and space, come waste your time with me.
  • Disaffiliates - Think Twice
    Identify your premises and live consistently.
  • Discriminations
    Joint production of John and Jessie Rosenberg focusing on the theory and practice of discrimination, and how it is reported and analyzed.
  • Dissident Frogman, The
    Having to cope with being born in France every single day of his life.
  • Doc Searls Weblog
    Daily entries from the Linux Journal editor and one of the Cluetrain posse. Includes links to upcoming events, other blogs, and journals.
  • Dowbrigade News
    The revolution will not be televised - it will be blogged.
  • Dr. Weevil
    Punditry, pedantry, poetry, and pie.
  • Drivelry
    Technology and cultural speculation: films, books, gadgets, and life online from politics to privacy.
  • Dropping Science
    Science, skepticism, and funny pictures of monkeys.
  • du Toit, Kim
    An American Citizen since 1989, and proud of it.
  • Dumbek's Random Stuff
    Ramblings from a gay music freak.
  • Dying Is ...
    Originally a blog by Grace Chow who was suffering from a rare tumor on her neck, it now serves as a memorial that documents her battle with the illness and her last days.

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