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  • Resolve (9)
  • International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
    Information source for couples seeking diagnosis and treatment of infertilty.
  • American Fertility Association (AFA)
    Offers education, referrals, research, support and advocacy for those dealing with infertility and reproductive health disorders.
  • Hannah's Prayer (1)
  • Wikipedia: Infertility
    User-edited article about infertility, which is the inability to naturally conceive a child or to carry a pregnancy to full term.
  • Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) Support Group
    Provides support and information for women with premature ovarian failure (POF) or premature menopause.
  • Donor Sibling Registry
    Supporting mutual consent contact between parents, offspring, and sperm donors.
  • MedlinePlus: Infertility
    Links to news, research, treatment, articles, organizations, and other resources.
  • Fertility Journey
    Offers information about infertility issues, including diagnosis, therapy options, coping, and financial aspects. From Organon.
  • Sperm Bank of California
    Provision of donor semen, sperm washing and analysis, directed donor screening and private semen storage, plus counseling.
  • Trying to Conceive Naturally
    Offers comfort, a place to talk, and advice from personal experience.
  • Fertile Thoughts
    Growing web community with realtime chat and web-based bulletin boards supporting the family-building activities of infertile couples and couples seeking adoption.
  • Rainbow Flag Health Services
    Actively recruits gay and bisexual sperm donors and tells the mother who the donor is when the child is 3 months old.
  • Cryos International Sperm Bank Ltd.
    Specializing in the worldwide delivery of high quality tested donor semen.
  • Fertility Ties
    Online community to support others going through infertility. Ask a specialist any question about your particular case. Share your experiences and get support from others.
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)
    HFEA is U.K.'s independent regulator which oversees safe and appropriate practice in fertility treatment and embryo research. Site offers a range of detailed information for patients and professionals.
  • Arizona Center for Fertility Studies
  • Infertility Resources
    Includes information about infertility clinics, donor egg and surrogacy services, sperm banks, adoption, and more.
  • Environmental Causes of Infertility
    Research summaries from major medical journals on the causes of infertility. Includes coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, food additives, pesticides and more.
  • American Fertility Services
    Offering infertility treatment for women and men with locations in New York, New Jersey, Brazil, and Italy.

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Reproductive Health > Infertility

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