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  • Wikipedia: Sunburn
    User-edited article about the burning of skin due to overexposure of ultraviolet radiation, mostly from sun's rays.
  • MedlinePlus Encyclopedia: Sunburn
    Includes home care for sunburns and information about when to call a doctor.
  • Health 911: Sunburn Remedies
    Offers a collection of folk remedies for sunburns.
  • Survive Outdoors: Sunburn
    Includes causes, sun protection factor, clothing protection, and sunburn treatment.
  • eMedicineHealth: Sunburn
    Provides causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for mild, moderate, and severe sun poisoning.
  • WebMD: Sunburn Topic Overview
    Includes preventive measures and home treatment of sunburn.
  • Sun Rash (Solar Dermatitis)
    Symptoms, causes, and prevention of sun rash and photoallergic dermatitis.
  • MayoClinic: Sunburn First Aid
    How to administer first aid for sunburn.
  • MayoClinic: Sunburn
    Comprehensive overview of sunburn, its causes, prevention and home treatments, as well as when to see your doctor.
  • DermNet NZ: Sunburn
    Explains what is sunburn, causes, who is at risk, signs and symptoms, as well as treatment of the reddening of the skin from excessive exposure to the sun's rays.
  • MedicineNet: Sunburn and Sun Poisoning
    Features causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for mild and severe sunburn and sun poisoning.
  • eMedicine: Sunburn
    Clinical overview of sunburn including skin phototypes, medications, and follow-up care.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Sunburns and Sun Tans Work
    Explains the process that causes skin to tan and burn.
  • MedicineNet: Sun-Sensitive to Drugs
    Information about sun sensitivity or photosensitivity induced by the combination of sunlight and certain medications or substances.
  • Sunburn
    First aid basics for sunburn, and how to recognize and treat your child's sunburn.
  • MedHelp: Sun Poisoning Forum
    Patient medical questions and answers from the dermatology forum.

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