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  • National Scoliosis Foundation
    Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children, parents, adults, and health care providers to understand the complexities of spinal deformities such as scoliosis.
  • Wikipedia: Scoliosis
    User-edited article about scoliosis, the medical condition in which a person's spine is curved from side to side, or sometimes rotated.
    Offers information on aspects of the scoliosis condition, diary of a scoliosis patient, treatment options, and resources where help can be found.
  • Scoliosis Research Society
    Patient and physician educational resource site, about scoliosis, kyphosis and other spinal deformities.
  • Scoliosis Systems
    Offers non surgical scoliosis treatment and Spinecor bracing for children and adults.
  • Scoliosis Treatment: A Discussion of Orthopaedic Options
    Provides photographs and x-rays to illustrate text discussion. Details newer surgical procedures including endoscopic surgery.
  • MayoClinic: Scoliosis
    Comprehensive overview including symptoms, causes, screening, and treatment of the abnormal spine curvature called scoliosis.
  • MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Scoliosis
    Information resources about scoliosis, the curving of the spine whose causes can be either congenital, neuromuscular, or idiopathic.
  • KidsHealth: Scoliosis
    Explains what is scoliosis, how to find if one has scoliosis, as well as treating scoliosis with either braces or surgery.
  • Support4Scoliosis
    Aimed at people in the U.K., who have been diagnosed with scoliosis, and their families and friends, to contact others for friendship and support.
    A place to live with Scoliosis. Discussions, information, humor, resources, stories, and more.
  • MedicineNet: Scoliosis
    Information about scoliosis, its causes, types, symptoms, and treatment for the abnormal curvature of the spine.
  • WebMD: Scoliosis
    Learn about scoliosis, its causes, diagnosis, types, and treatment.
  • eMedicineHealth: Scoliosis
    Consumer health resource center providing an overview of scoliosis and its causes, symptoms, and treatment.
  • ASCO: Scoliosis Treatment
    Dedicated to treating scoliosis using the patented ASCO-Vibro Treatment Method, an alternative to open surgery and bracing.
  • UIHealth Care: Scoliosis
    Brief introductory article about scoliosis, an abnormal sideways curving of the spine or backbone.
  • Treating Scoliosis With Posterior Spinal Fusion
    Booklet providing information about scoliosis and possible treatments, aimed at the public.

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