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Bed Bug Bites

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  • Bedbugger
    Group blog for victims and anyone else curious about the ongoing struggle against the blood-sucking insects called bed bugs. Offers tips, inspiration, strategies, links, and opportunities for discussion.
  • Bed Bugs
    Offers information on bed bugs, the small insects that bite and suck blood from humans.
  • Bedbug Bites
    Clinical information about bedbugs and their bites, including differentials, medications to treat side-effects of bites, and prevention notes.
  • Hey! A Bedbug Bit Me
    Explains what a bedbug is, what a bite feels and looks like, and what to do about it.
  • Bedbugs Do Bite, and They're Back With a Vengeance
    Describes signs of infestation and preventive treatment options.

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