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Brain Tumors

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  • Brain Tumor Symptoms
    Read about the general symptoms of brain tumors affecting adults.
  • ABTA Kids
    Designed for kids to learn about brain tumors and share information. From the American Brain Tumor Association.
  • ABTA: A Primer of Brain Tumors
    Reference manual for patients featuring brain anatomy, tumors, related terminology, diagnosis, and treatment of benign and malignant brain tumors. From the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).
  • ABTA: Brain Tumor Symptoms
    Description of brain tumor symptoms which often mimic the symptoms of other diseases. From the American Brain Tumor Association.
  • Brain and Spine Center - M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
    Receive specialized treatment at the Brain and Spine Center for brain, spine and skull-based cancers.
  • Brain Tumor Center at Duke
    Dedicated to the treatment and cure of brain and/or spinal cord tumors in children and adults.
  • Brain Tumor Database
    Offers database of brain tumor surgery, radiosurgery, and radiotherapy results submitted by patients. Includes articles and discussion board.
  • Brain Tumor Information from Memorial Sloan-Kettering
  • Brain Tumor Mailing List
  • Brain Tumor Symptoms
    Study of brain tumor patients, their treatments and the outcomes.
  • Cancer Research UK: Brain Tumour Symptoms
    Includes symptoms caused by tumors in different parts of the brain and the spinal cord.
  • Clinical Trials & Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors
    Offers a guide to brain tumors, survivors' stories, treatment information, and video library. From the Musella Foundation.
  • Docs By Docs
    Provides topic driven articles and content written by medical providers who specialize in the treatment of brain and spine tumor patients.
  • Enviormental & Chemical Causes of Child Cancers
    Information on suspected causes of brain and neurological cancers, and the increase in cancers found in St. Lucie County, Florida.
  • IRSA - Other Malignant Tumors
    Information about primary malignant brain tumors which constitute 2% of all cancers diagnosed in the United States. Includes tumor grading and types of treatment.
  • Living With Brain Mets
    Features metastatic brain tumor information, including symptoms, new treatments, links, and more.
  • Mass General Hospital Neuro-oncology
    Information about malignant brain, spine, and peripheral nerve tumors.
  • Mayo Clinic: Awake Brain Surgery
    Information on different types of brain surgery offered by the Mayo Clinic for patients with certain brain tumors or epileptic seizures.
  • Mayo Clinic: Brain Tumor Treatments
    Provides treatment for pituitary, brain, and other tumors including gamma knife surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.
  • Mayo Clinic: Treatment of Meningiomas
    Describes options for treating the slow-growing brain tumors known as meningiomas and provides information about receiving treatment from the Mayo Clinic.
  • MayoClinic: Brain Tumor
    Comprehensive overview of brain tumor including symptoms, causes, and treatment of abnormal brain growths.
  • MayoClinic: Brain Tumor Symptoms
    Describes the varied signs and symptoms of a brain tumor depending on the brain tumor's size, location, and rate of growth.
  • MedicineNet: Brain Tumor
    Information about brain tumor, its causes, symptoms such as headaches, nausea or vomiting, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation after the brain tumor treatment.
  • MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Brain Tumor in Children
    Features illustrations, causes, symptoms, and treatment of primary brain tumors in children.
  • MedlinePlus: Brain Cancer
    Explains brain and spinal tumors and how they affect the mind, emotions, and personality. Find other information about brain cancer, otherwise known as glioma or meningioma.
  • Meningioma Support and Information
    Information, articles, support, and links specific to Meningioma brain tumors.
  • MGH: Malignant Brain Tumors & Neurooncology Resources
    Includes disease information and treatment of malignant brain, spine, and peripheral nerve tumors. From the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).
  • Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information
    Brain tumor treatment information and brain tumor virtual trial.
  • NINDS Brain and Spinal Tumors
    Information on causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • NINDS: Brain and Spinal Tumors Information Page
    Information sheet about the brain and spinal cord tumors. Compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
  • Northwestern University
    Includes specific treatment information, research and support groups.
  • Ohio State Medical Center: Brain Tumors
    Explains what is a brain tumor, its causes, common symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of both malignant and benign types.
  • Rory David Deutsch Foundation, The
    Dedicated to raising money for medical research on brain tumors in children.
  • UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program
    Focuses on brain tumor research, treatments, and clinical trials. Also offers educational information.
  • UCSF Medical Center: Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms
    Information about the signs and symptoms of primary and secondary brain tumors.
  • VirtualTrials: Brain Tumor Symptoms
    Describes the brain tumor symptoms which range from headache and seizures, to behavioral and cognitive problems.
  • Wikipedia: Brain Tumor
    User-edited article about the intracranial tumor created by abnormal cell division in the brain. Includes description, types of tumors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

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