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  • @HIV
    Search engine dedicated to finding information about HIV. Search for common HIV-related terms, or find medical articles from the Medline journal database.
  • HIV Symptoms - What Are They?
    Features an assortment of symptoms that can be associated with HIV infection.
  • AIDS InfoNet
    Collection of HIV/AIDS fact sheets. Find out about laboratory tests, preventing HIV infection, medications and treatments, opportunistic infections, and side effects. From the New Mexico AIDS Education and Training Center.
  • AIDS: A Covenant to Care
    Statements, prayers, and resources from the United Methodist Church for people living with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones.
    Information gateway to U.S. domestic HIV/AIDS information and resources including prevention, testing, treatment, as well as research programs and policies.
    News and resources about HIV and AIDS. Includes FAQ, the basics of getting tested, strategies for AIDS prevention, treatment news, education, and fact sheets.
  • AIDSinfo Glossary
    Searchable list of HIV/AIDS terms, in English and Spanish. From the AIDSInfo project at the National Institutes of Health.
    Resources about HIV/AIDS drugs and treatments from HIV patients. Includes tutorials and webcasts about medications, blood tests, and side effects, and profiles of individual drugs.
  • AVERT: Symptoms of HIV & AIDS
    Information about symptoms of HIV infection and AIDS, and what to do if you think you have HIV symptoms.
  • Body, The [*]
    Online AIDS and HIV information resource. Find out about prevention, HIV symptoms, testing, treatment, and what to expect after an HIV diagnosis. Also offers information about AIDS hotlines, organizations, support groups, and activism.
  • CDC Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention
    HIV/AIDS recommendations and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. Find FAQs and general information about HIV and AIDS, or learn about the science behind the disease.
    Basic information about HIV and AIDS, including information on the virus, its origins, symptoms, and testing.
  • Center for Sex & Sundhed
    Collection of information about HIV and AIDS in Danish.
  • Detroit Community AIDS Library
    Online gateway to HIV/AIDS information for Detroit and Southeastern Michigan. Find local and world-wide HIV/AIDS resources, including information about testing, hotlines, treatment guidelines, and statistics.
  • HIV - AIDS Symptoms and Complications
    Features the symptoms of HIV/AIDS manifestations which vary from person to person.
  • eMedTV: AIDS Symptoms
    Describes how AIDS symptoms develop over time, though some people may experience a flu-like illness within a month or so of being infected.
  • FDA: HIV and AIDS
    Provides information on approved HIV/AIDS therapies, clinical trials, and testing information. Also offers lists of legitimate and fraudulent home HIV test kits. From the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Fight AIDS @ Home
    Distributed computing project which uses idle computer time on your personal computer to accelerate anti-HIV drug design research. Download a program onto your Internet-connected home workstation to participate.
  • Healthology: HIV and AIDS
    Contains articles and webcast videos about HIV and AIDS.
  • HIV Clinical Resource
    Provides online clinical guidelines, quality of care and best practices, and clinical education for medical professionals.
  • HIV InSite [*]
    Online information source on HIV/AIDS treatment, policy, research, epidemiology, and prevention. Includes answers to common questions, news updates, and HIV/AIDS basics. From the University of California San Francisco.
  • HIV Today
    HIV resources from the Web, including fact sheets, legal information, and a daily news update. From the AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGIS) and Roxane Laboratories.
  • HIV/AIDS Information and Links
    News, notable web sites, and links about HIV/AIDS and its treatment. From the University of Bradford.
  • HIV/AIDS Information in German Language
    AIDS and HIV information in German, including a list of foundations and organizations in Germany.
  • How Can I Tell if I'm Infected With HIV? What are the Symptoms?
    Learn about getting tested for HIV, the infection that can develop into AIDS. Discusses HIV warning signs and the fact that some infected people experience no symptoms. From the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Johns Hopkins HIV Guide
    HIV/AIDS resources for physicians, health care professionals, and care providers from Johns Hopkins University. Includes a pocket guide to HIV/AIDS treatment, expert Q&As, and prevention information.
  • KidsHealth: HIV and AIDS
    Information about HIV, what does the virus do to the body, and its prevention through healthy behaviors.
  • LEXIVA HIV Information
    Learn about the HIV life cycle in the body and how the virus affects CD4 cells.
  • Living With HIV
    Online guide to living with HIV, from the Aidsmap project. Offers extensive information for both the newly diagnosed and those who have been HIV positive for some time.
  • MayoClinic: HIV/AIDS Symptoms
    Overview of the symptoms of HIV and AIDS at various phases of infection.
  • HIV Management
    Features doctor-produced information on the causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, and therapy side effects associated with HIV and AIDS.
  • MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: AIDS
    Features illustrations, definition, causes, symptoms, tests, and treatment of AIDS caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
  • MedlinePlus: AIDS
    Provides links to news and articles on AIDS and HIV infection. Covers the disease's symptoms and treatment, clinical trials, prevention, research, and statistics.
  • Medscape: HIV/AIDS
    Features resources and news related to HIV and AIDS. Learn about medications and treatments, research news, and statistics from around the world.
  • New York State AIDS/HIV Information Service
    Information about HIV infection and AIDS as well as contacts for service agencies in New York. Learn about the basics of HIV and AIDS and get answers to frequently asked questions.
    Consumer health information on AIDS/HIV and related diseases. Learn about care and treatment for the disease, complications and AIDS-related illnesses, and services for the HIV-positive.
  • NOVA: Surviving AIDS
    Online companion to Surviving AIDS, the NOVA television special. Includes animations of the life cycle of HIV, and information about the search for a vaccine and the global magnitude of AIDS.
  • Positive Life, A
    A Positive Life provides informative resources for people living with HIV and AIDS, and the people who love them.
    Information for healthcare professionals on the HIV virus and its treatment issues, especially resistance and adherence to HIV therapy. From Hoffman-La Roche.
  • WebMD: AIDS and HIV Health Center
    Find HIV and AIDS information here, including transmission and prevention, caregiving, myths, and research updates.
  • WebMD: HIV/AIDS Symptoms
    Guide to HIV and AIDS symptoms.
  • WHO and HIV/AIDS
    Features the consolidated efforts of WHO in scaling up treatment, care, and prevention services as well as drugs and diagnostics supply to fight HIV/AIDS.
  • Wikipedia: AIDS
    User-edited article about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the illness caused by the HIV virus. Covers AIDS symptoms, treatments, prevention techniques, origins, and related diseases.
  • Wikipedia: HIV
    User-submitted article about human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Infection with HIV occurs by the transfer of bodily fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or breast milk.

AIDS/HIV Resources

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