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  • U.S. Electoral College
    Includes a primer on the Electoral College, how Electors vote, teaching resources, and a Electoral Vote calculator. From the Federal Register.
  • 2008 Presidential Election Interactive Map -
    Interactive maps of past electoral results from 1789 to the current presidential election with red and blue states colored. Includes the history of the Electoral College.
  • Wikipedia: U.S. Electoral College
    User-created article examining the history of the electoral process. Includes information on state-by-state electoral votes.
  • Distribution of Electoral Votes
    State-by-state breakdown from the FEC.
  • President Elect
    Dedicated to the electoral college, and featuring history, articles, election results since 1789, and electoral college debate.
  • U. S. Electoral College Calculator
    An Electoral College calculator lets you try to predict who will win the next presidential election. Provided by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.
  • Presidential Elections and the Electoral College
    Proceedings of the Electoral Commission of 1877. Materials presented by the Library of Congress.
  • 2004 Electoral Vote Animation
    Animates the rise and fall of support for each of the major presidential candidates.
  • Geostat Center: US Presidential Election Maps
    Presidential election maps covering the years 1860-1996. Offers maps for percent of popular vote and electoral vote distribution and totals.
  • Electoral College Vote Calculator
    Add it all up for yourself.
  • Encyclopedia Americana: Electoral College
    Explanation and discussion of the electoral college and constitutional system of Presidential elections in the United States.

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