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NASA Education Programs and Services

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  • NASA Quest (4)
  • NASA EdSpace [pick] [read review]
    Includes information about the educator astronaut program, astronauts, and life in space.
  • SpaceKids - Space Science for Kids
    Astronomy images, Mars exploration, news, and teachers' resources from NASA.
  • Origins Education Forum
    Resources for educators from NASA's Origins Program. Offers school, home, and public education materials focusing on the observation of and search for the earliest stars and galaxies, extrasolar planets, and life elsewhere in the universe.
  • NASA Spacelink
    Hosts NASA's educational Aeronautics and space publications, the NASA Television education schedule, and provides hundreds of subject-related links.
  • Classroom of the Future (COTF) (1)
  • NASA Academy (1)
  • NASA Johnson Space Center Education and Student Programs
    Offers internships, teacher workshops, classroom instructional materials, and a speaker's bureau.
  • NASA/MSU Center for Educational Resources (CERES)
    K-12 astronomy activities that utilize NASA's Internet resources.
  • DEVELOP: Digital Earth Virtual Environment and Learning Outreach Project
    Student-lead NASA activity with the goal of developing a "virtual earth" with numerous applications.
  • NASA SHARP (Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program)
    A paid research-based summer mentoring program for talented high school students. Administered by MTSI.
  • NASA Langley Research Center Office of Education
    Features fellowships, summer programs, coursework help, and television broadcasts that are available to students and educators.
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Exploration Post 509
    Organization that provides students a hands-on experience in science, engineering, and technology.
  • NASA's Education Enterprise
    Promotes education as an integral component of every major NASA research and development mission.
  • NASA Kids' Club
    Providing kid-level science information from NASA. Has teacher resources, latest NASA news, rockets, astronauts, puzzles, games, space, and more.
  • NASA Means Business Student Competition
    National program that directly involves university students in real NASA programs and missions.
  • Is There Water on Mars (PDF)
    NASA Educator Guide explores the question of whether there is water on Mars.
  • NASA Aerospace Education Services Program
    Designed to increase awareness and understanding of scientific research and technological development and their place in the world in which we live
  • NASA eClips
    NASA eClips is a Web-based video resource focusing on educational materials for schools and the general public. Resources on topics including the Earth, space exploration, and aeronautics are available on-demand and provide interactive information that is easily integrated into lesson planning.

NASA Education Programs and Services

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