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    Online "liberal" publication dishing out a humorous hard response to the conservative agenda. From Rack Jite.
  • randomWalks
    Links and commentary on the world.
  • Rantburg
    Offering opinion and commentary on politics.
  • Real Clear Politics Blog, The
    Political commentary from Tom Bevan and John McIntyre.
  • Red State
    Republican community blog.
  • Renaissance Politics
    Political blog by Jeff First dedicated to the political issues of the day.
  • Republican
    Politically-oriented site that features a blog, forums, and humor from a conservative perspective.
  • Rhetorica Network, The
    Offers analysis and commentary about the rhetoric, propaganda, and the spin of journalism and politics, including analysis of presidential speeches and election campaigns.
  • Right Moment
    Conservative blog providing protection from the left.
  • Right On Red
    Where the left takes a turn for the worse.
  • Right Pundits
    Blog featuring news, election polls and results, live events coverage, law, and political analysis from a conservative perspective.
  • Right Thoughts
    Going against the liberal trend.
  • Right Wing Nut House
    Administered by Rick Moran, a 52-year-old libertine from Algonquin, IL.
  • Right-Thinking From the Left Coast
    Conservative comments on liberalism, leftists, and life in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Riled Up
    Political insights from a gay island boy.
  • Rittenhouse Review, The
    A Philadelphia journal of politics, finance, ethics, and culture.
  • Rowe, Jon
    Yet another social commentary blog by a libertarian lawyer and college professor.
  • Rude Pundit, The (2)
  • RuminateThis
    News, views, activism, and a smattering of something else.

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