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  • [pick] [read review]
    Daily "diavlog" between bloggers Robert Wright, Mickey Kaus, or a host of other pundit-writers on the news of the day.
  • Washington Note, The
    Regularly commentary on important public policy issues by Steve Clemons.
    Opinions on current events and the press.
  • Atlas Shrugs
    Political analysis and daily rants by Pamela Oshry.
  • Agitator, The
    Opinions on damned near everything. Punditry and op-eds by Radley Balko.
  • Think Progress
    Progressive blog written by fellows from the Center for American Progress.
  • Balloon Juice
    Hot air and ill-informed banter.
  • Totten, Michael J.
    Lively blog by this hard-headed liberal.
  • Liberal Oasis
    Where the left is right, and the right is wrong.
  • Thought Mechanics
    Informs people about the latest important political events, providing subjective opinions in hopes of creating a more informed citizenry.
  • Alive in Baghdad [pick] [read review]
    Aims to make the world more aware of the Iraqi experience during the War in Iraq through the personal stories of its residents, via blogs and direct interviews.
  • WatchBlog [pick] [read review]
    Political news, opinion, and commentary covering Republican, Democrat, and the third party perspectives.
  • L.A. Observed
    Blog that covers Los Angeles media culture and politics.
  • Rude Pundit, The (2)
    Mostly political blog by Mickey Kaus, formerly of The New Republic.
  • Burnt Orange Report
    News, politics, and fun from deep in the heart of Texas.
  • Tom Watson Blog
    Read Tom's latest news and postings.
  • TPMCafe
    Public meeting place to read about and discuss politics, culture, and public life in the United States.
  • Swing State Project
    Online project dedicated to analyzing the key swing states in the current election.
  • Left Coaster, The
    An outside-the-Beltway perspective on current events, politics, media, and the arts.

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